Thursday, August 30, 2012

Living Like It’s Always The Last Day

Yesterday, my best mates at work and myself included had our amazing shift. From tears of joy to actual tears from heightened emotion from watching a tearjerker movie, we did stretch out the time.   It makes one person forget what sort of problems he/she is facing for a while and that for a moment you can still have time to elicit a smile. 

Being in a circle of cheerful folks and friends induces a positive atmosphere sending us all into a bliss. Thank you friends: Robin Pena, Aizle Dizon, Janice Sombillo, Noeline Maurer and Jevreline Montoya-Olalia for making the day feel like it’s the last.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It’s Free Day Sunday!

We went to our Granny’s birthday celebration with Mom and Sis. It was a hot day so I decided to go with just a shirt and pair of shorts. But when I tried layering it with my thrifted Joop! white jean shirt, my Mom immediately saw it and said "Don’t remove it and it looks good on you.” Okay, I know Mom but it’s too humid outside. Having said that I still went with the layering. Mothers know best as they say. The layering was effortless without adding too much to it.

Photo credits: Kim Fortaleza, my sister

What I wore: Tshirt from AMBLVD, shorts from American Eagle, Joop! Jean shirt, Shoes from SM department Store, Vintage accessories, MFG Bag

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Thank you!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The BetrAyal Suspect Tracker

A board of suspects is shown in ABC Family’s website showing the online vote results of the betrayer! Leading the pack is Paige McCullers obviously brought about by her dubious actions. But that seems so obvious and easy. According to Marlene King, it is going to be a shocker so I guess it might not be her. Few hours to go and the ticking bomb shall be in massive explosion. Tune in Tomorrow! #PLL #thebetrAyal

[caption id="attachment_620" align="aligncenter" width="757"] Eye on the betrayer![/caption]

Screenshots from

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Varsity Blues Jacket

I unearthed this varsity jacket from SM department store. It reminded of H&M’s varsity jacket which I was raving for this past few months. Although the jacket that I saw from the department store does not have a faux leather detail, this jacket’s sleeve is made of polyester leaving a shiny leather like finish. Last month, I also saw a jacket same as the H&M’s version with the leather detail from Penshoppe but it looks bulky on me.

I posted this on my LookBook account. Hype it on! Puhleease?

What I wore: Varsity jacket from SM Department store, Shirt from Bench, Shorts from American Eagle

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whatever You Wear, Always Dress To Kill

I am hearing Gossip Girl uttering these lines from an episode. Yes, that’s absolutely true. Why won’t anyone wear what they want. My choices of wardrobe are what they are because they build and boost my confidence. People have their own reasons.

I wore this to a pretty momentous event.


Kenny F.

What I wore: Long sleeve shirt by G200, Maroon shirt by AMBLVD, Jeans by Oxygen

Sorry for the low quality photos. I don’t have a photographer so I used my laptop. haha

Pretty Dirty Secrets, the Pretty Little Liars Web Series

Just when you thought that Pretty Little Liars will be radio silent for a while until the Halloween event. They have come up with "Pretty Dirty Secrets”, this is a web series that will transpire immediately after the Summer Finale. Amazing isn’t it?

According to ABC Family, "Starting on Tuesday, August 28, we are launching a brand new Pretty Little Liars web series. Right after the summer finale, be sure to check back here for your first look at Pretty Dirty Secrets! Then every Tuesday until the Halloween episode, there will be a new webisode full of tricks, treats -- and quite a few pretty, little clues that you don’t want to miss!"

So sweet of them, I guess we won’t be drooling much until the Halloween episode. New faces will also be introduced during the web series. Including Shana, the Halloween store clerk who will be seen on Season 3B. You’ll be seeing Rosewood’s familiar faces as well starring Brant Daugherty (Noel), Yani Gellman (Garrett), Aerial Miranda (Shana), Vanessa Ray (CeCe), Brendan Robinson (Lucas) and Drew Van Acker (Jason).

Thank you ABC!


Noel teaser for Pretty Dirty Secrets.


Lucas on the set.



Finally, I Am Back And Ready to Rule The World!

I would like to say sorry if I bombarded you with Pretty Little liars posts lately. Haha. I was really psyched and hyped with the finale episode of the series that I have been hooked up with. I guess this was really my coping mechanism to somehow alleviate the ceiling high level of my stress. 

After two taxing months, I can finally breathe with ease and sleep without nightmares! If hard work really pays off, I do certainly hope that it also applies to myself. Ecstatic to say that I am back and ready to rule the world!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Anthem Of The Crucial Moment

The Fighter is a song by Gym Class Heroes featuring Ryan Tedder of One Republic. It is a song laden with an evident message to defend what you want in life and to not quit your dreams. I am really feeling this song right now as it coincides with my current situation which I don’t what to disclose for now. We need to face our battles and not desist even if it gets tough. To be strong sometimes is difficult for me, I tend to crumble when dilemmas arise but I need to get through with it and move forward. I will need your prayers and support. I will be the FIGHTER.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Am I Doing Any Good With These Photos?

I love capturing landscapes and architectural forms. In these photos, I used my Blackberry cameraphone with 5 megapixels. For the editing part, I used CameraBag Application for different filters and iPhoto for some editing options. It is fun seeing fantastic sceneries. It has a relaxing effect on me. This is my attempt at being a photographer. I hope you like my shots.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Stumbled Upon These H&M Fab Finds

If you’ll going to ask someone what they want, you’ll need to brace yourself.

Here are some pieces that I want to have from H&M and since there are no stores here I would just like to let everybody know I want these! haha. For those kind-hearted out there, friends you know what I want now. On top of the list is the jacket in a wool blend with leather sleeves. It really looks like me! Gorgeous! Edgy look meets soft lux style. Also, looking sleek is the maroon trousers that could be paired with either a blazer to just a plain shirt. Making it to my next project is the boots. But I am still contemplating as to what color or finish I would like to have. Lastly,  since I am legally blind and I have to wear my glasses 24/7, I kind of wanted to try other frames and this one is worth a try.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I’ve Been So Judgmental Lately

I visited Villa Alfredo's Resort which is a local resort here in Pampanga. English camps are held twice a year here particularly for Korean students. I have been teaching since 2009 however I wasn’t able to join this year's summer camp due to some pretty important things. So I just thought of visiting the camp to make it up with my colleagues. 

Last Saturday, I was invited to judge their one-act play. Then few days ago, I was to visit the other camp with Mommy A this time in Villa Antonina Resort which has a bigger student population. We were joined by my other friends Noel, Aizle, Melody and Aaron. And I was a little surprised when Mr. Toni, the lead teacher informed me that I would be filling in a spot as a juror again. Okay, I should maybe ask for a Talent fee next time. Ha! Kidding.  The judging part is a bit arduous more so presented with equally good performances from the groups. I really appreciated the efforts put in by them from the costumes to the extravagant set. Definitely, a two thumbs up! By the way, the play is an adaptation of the Lion King movie. Nevertheless, I really was entertained watching them do their best and express themselves. So yes, I am judgmental. Aren’t you?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Vintage Finds

I went out few days ago and saw this flea market. As I was making my way through, I stumbled across one store selling vintage accessories and I got excited! There are one of kind pieces made from years back I guess (basing from the age of the seller, haha). First to get my attention is this C. Stein necklace with a cross pendant. It looked old and a little worn out which helped it to look a lot better. According to my research, this pendant was designed around 1960s to 1970s in silver toned metal. The next is an oversized stainless steel ring studded with a black gemstone. I think this one is in the women’s territory but I don’t mind. It can definitely be an accent piece to your outfit. Lastly, the copper colored ring, I think is also made of stainless steel from Ralph Lauren.

Total: 200 Pesos for the three. Beat that!

 A photo I found from ebay.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thank you, Hayden Fragrances

Last month, I sent a complaint to the management of  Hayden Fragrances because of some reasons I just don’t want to open up. Let’s just leave it like that. I went to the store also and I let them hear my grievances. So there, the next day I checked my email and I got an answer from them. Apologizing from the inconvenience that I went through, they promised to make it up to me.

A month passed and nothing happened, so I followed up. Then few days later I got a package at my doorstep. I received a refund and a complementary gift or maybe you can say it's a sorry gift. Of course, I felt elated and as a customer I felt that I was significant to them. Thank you Hayden Fragrances! I appreciate the effort.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Taking Over Me by Lawson

I love this unplugged version of Lawson’s Taking Over Me. Lawson is a four-piece British pop-rock band formerly The Grove. I don’t actually know this band until I heard them on Beat TV. I thought I might wanna share it with you. I adore the melody of the song. It’s relaxing. I hope you do too!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Project DIY: Faded Denim

Jeans do not go out of style. Well, that depends on the cut and fit I guess. But this year/season denim is a huge trend and a must in any one’s wardrobe. High end stores like H&M, Topman, Zara, Forever21 made their own spin with our beloved denim. But what captivated my style radar is the button down denim shirt that has a faded detail. Just recently, my shopping habit kind of shifted a little bit and I am not so keen on purchasing things that I want. Instead of just shopping fancy clothes, I want to try to create it. I searched for some old denim shirt in thrift shops to maybe lessen the pressure of making it good instantly.

This denim shirt is the exact shirt that I bought from a thrift store. Got this from

So here’s my own version of the faded denim.

What you will need:

  • denim - could be from jeans to shirt to vest

  • bleach

  • water

  • measuring cup

  • spray bottle

  • some creativity


Before doing this procedure, you can search for a photo for inspiration.

Get 1 cup of water and bleach. Mix them together in a spray bottle. You can adjust the amount of bleach to be used.

Step 2

Lay your garment flat on a surface which will not stain and then pour in water to soak the garment.

Step 3

Now, your ready to spray the bleach mixture in the way you desire. If you are in for an acid wash effect, you can just pour in the bleach into the denim.

Step 4

After you have achieved the effect you are aiming for, you will need to wash the garment with cold water to halt further bleaching. Then, wash it with detergent and fabric conditioner to get rid of the noxious smell of the bleach. And you’re done!

You can ask me for any queries. Enjoy!


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