Monday, July 29, 2013

Caution: Work in Progress

Although my life and my blogging stint is still a work in progress. Words of inspiration like this makes me even more inspired to better myself and continue to grow. There are no small things in every work we do. Everything is a piece of a puzzle that won’t be complete without. From my Massimo Dutti post last week, I got this tweet from Massimo Dutti. This definitely fuelled my passion to be better and move further.

Thanks so much! #inspired

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Friday, July 26, 2013

It’s Not What You Think It Is

 After some time, I finally got back to work not permanently though. Happy that people still want me to work for them and with them. That’s just so gladdening. Right? I will be forever grateful for these opportunities. And this is a great distraction from my current dilemmas too. So I'm hitting it twice with a stone.

Me and the new Portable Xray Truck!

 This is the best work. Being able to wear what I want. Not really but it's because I don’t have blue scrubs. But loving what you wear really does make you even more self assured. A perfect excuse eh? Lol.

Do you want to come sit with me and have a Kitkat? :)

This is not what you think it is! Not trying Jhong Hilarios’ photo oopsie! Hahaha.

Thanks to my photographer of the day Ma’am Jen! :)

Shoe Selfie time!!!

About my #OOTD
Shirt from Bench
Pants Thrifted
Shoes Thrifted
 I am frugal. Hahaha.

Definitely, Happy to work in style!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Massimo Dutti Dutty Love

I dropped by the Massimo Dutti online store today and I decided to do some shopping. Oops that’s window shopping. (wishful thinking, haha) Browns are a staple on my wardrobe and outfit choices. This earth tone colour keeps me warm and comfortable. Although the Massimo Dutti brand is quite on the high end, it can be assumed that the quality will be at par with the money you’ll shelve out. I got one Massimo Dutti wallet which a friend gave. It’s distressed and old but still sturdy.

On my shopping bag: Plaited belt, Suede shoe, leather messenger bag

That plaited belt is perfect fit for a tucked in ensemble either with a shorts or pants. The suede shoe is a growing trend right now. It can be best paired wearing pair of blue or olive green shorts or chinos rolled  up. Guys don’t normally wear bags but I am a bag person.  I can’t leave the house without a bag on my shoulders. This sleek messenger bag is sure staple in any outfit

I just love how these looks are so clean and dapper and crisp. Just the way I want my outfits to be. Specifically, I dig this all brown ensemble. It looks so sophisticated and comfortable too. If you wish to go casual, you can wear a pair of shorts instead and you’re good. The tussled loafers and the plaited belt gave this look some freshness and easiness. Accessorising is just as important as finding a perfect pair shoes.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Exodus

Exactly last two weeks ago, I made a brave and bold move. From the mighty Wordpress platform, I dauntlessly transferred my one year old blog, Anything Under Kenny to Blogger. It is not a long decision process honestly but an instantaneous one. Lol. It just hit me like I have things that I can’t do on Wordpress that Blogger permits me to do so.

Lookbook widgets can’t be integrated to my former blog and being a fashion blogger I think this is a very important feature on a blog at least for me. Also, the control over the templates and editing is quite restricted with Wordpress. And when you’re ready to take your blog to the next level they don’t allow you to monetize your blog and in blogger I am happy to be able to do that. Though I am happy with my  one year with Wordpress. It really is a powerful platform but as a free blogging site you can only do as much.

I am happy to be on Blogger! :)

Do we have the same situation? Share your thoughts.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Undivided Attention

These are the most comfortable looks and outfits one can wear. Honestly, this is like how I dress up on a normal day out going to the mall or meeting up with friends. I love Divided’s new collection for men. It’s laid back but still casual chic. The fitted jeans are my kind of thing since almost all of my jeans were altered to fit this. hehe. I know right? I really get obsessed getting the same cut over and over! 

Just dress up they way you feel and what makes you comfortable not really and confident all at the same time. It will be the best tip I can give. But yes fashion is subjective so just go with your gut. :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Valentino Fall 2013 Menswear

London was the inspiration of Valentino’s Fall 2013 Menswear collection. What I admire about the collection is the effortless juxtaposition of different fabrics that really meshed well especially with the trench coat plaids mixed with a black horizontal panel. Those were specifically my favourites. I observed that they played with various prints and fabrics like leather, camou, houndstooth among others. Good job.

Enjoy the show!

I wanna have this for myself! (below) Super chic!

And this too! LOVE!

The horizontal panels.

Total Dapper. 

Leather injection.

Camou is really IN!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

OOTD for Style Origin 2013

At the Style Origin 2013 Runway show we were required to dress up in street chic style. I was thinking of wearing a dress shirt and a pair of shorts to show a mix of casual which is street style and sophistication. The gladiator sandals were my touch of extra punch and edge also that extra pop of colour. The Folded and Hung jacket was a last minute touch up because it was hot too but I still brought it. Gladly I did because people there were all dressed so.

Look up, Look up! Haha.

<!--BEGIN HYPE WIDGET--><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><script src=""></script><div id="hype_container_5142858"></div><!--END HYPE WIDGET-->
What I wore: Dress shirt from G2000
Tailor made shorts
Gladiator sandals by Oxygen
Jacket by Folded and Hung

PS. Thanks Mom for taking the shots! Haha. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Style Origin 2013: Inspiring Imagination

Frankly, this was my first runway show attendance that I am really a guest and seating not front row but still. Marquee Mall and Ayala are really capable of putting up such a well organised events from reservations to event marshals down to the itsy bitsy tiny detail. I must say I was impressed. I made a reservation few days before the event using my VIPinoy card. 

The event started with a video presentation from several local artists and professionals having a monologue about beginnings and what inspires them. The theme of the runway show was High Street Style. It was Followed by an rousing dance production number. And then the TV host/actress/VJ, Iya Villania appeared on stage to open the show. The mall’s merchants joined the runway show like Giordano, Mango, Jelly Bean, Original Penguin, Celine, Folded and Hung, Wade Shoes, Nautica, Solo, Samsonite, and whole lot more.

Interestingly as the models came strutting the catwalk, I recognized familiar faces like Jun Macasaet and Brent Javier, these two are top models here in the Philippines. They are so gorgeous!

Brent Javier in Solo.

Brent in The Original Penguin. This is his best look. The fit and styling are spot on.

Nice shot!

Ryan Boyce of PBB Teens

I love the mix of things with her look. :)

And then the Philippine’s brightest stars shone bright like a diamond!

TV Star/endorser, Lauren Young in Jelly Bean

Elmo Magalona in Folded and Hung

Retail Frontrunner Folded And Hung Founder, Ronald Pineda with F and H endorser Elmo and Lauren.

FHM Philippines’ reigning back-to-back Nation's Finest, Sam Pinto  
Super pretty, sexy, gorgeous running out of adjectives!

The most adorable kid on TV, Ryzza Mae Dizon!

Aww, I wanna make her my key chain. She’s so tiny cute!!

And the crowd went berserk when this kid came down the runway.

Ryzza dancing Cha Cha

Georgina is gorgeous. Why is that so redundant? Because she really is super Gorjasss!!!!

A Goddess came down from the heavens.

And just when you thought it’s over…..

Bamboo concluded the night with not only one but 5 I guess or 6 of his hits. The crowd went wild. Seriously, I am too. haha. Who wouldn’t! He definitely knew how to sweep off the audience’s feet. 

Super nice guy.

Bamboo grabbed a phone from a fan who is taking a video of him. THIS IS AN AWESOME MOMENT! 
*Photo credits to Marquee Mall.

We had so much fun. It’s just that our ears bled from the super bass sounds. Haha. Like really it’s super loud. We were served refreshments after the event. It was a jam packed event. Really felt VIP there! Thank you Marquee Mall and Ayala! 


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