Friday, November 22, 2013

It Pays to have Good Bottoms

After an enormous time off the blogosphere, my hauls got stacked up in the closet. And now is their time to scream and shout and let it all out. Haha. No, their time to shine!

My first item is this maroonish red boat shoes that I got from a thrift store near the hospital which I had my placement. Thank God there’s something good went with that placement Haha. #kidding I got these for just $5. A total best buy!

Style tip: Best paired with shorts for the summer and spring but could also be paired with a rolled up pants with or without socks. You could actually style this with printed socks that would complement your outfit which could give your ensemble a kick.

Or go sockless. Get ready for major smelly foot. Haha. I recommend wearing foot socks.
Being the house for the retail brand Cotton On, Australia got heaps of factory outlets. And luckily I laid my eyes on these pair of Chukka/dessert boots initially worth $10 and when I got to the counter I was even more surprised that it was just for 5 bucks! How lucky can you get? Well…

Style tip: With boots you can go anything with it. Wear it with tight fitting jeans or shorts. You can’t go wrong. Or be adventurous by putting on a printed socks.

Woot woot! My not insured legs Haha.

Love this shot from the beach! 

#OMG, shopping, shopping and shopping. And shopping again. Jeez, shopping. Thank you for shopping! Hahaha! More to come.

The Empire State Dream

I am feeling pressured. A pressure not only of people around me but the pressure I also put on myself to reach that goal. That Empire State dream I am eyeing on but it seems a little distant from where I am right now. But that burning passion doesn’t go away so I am still on it. A simple 27-year old guy waiting and will fight for his dream. Go KNY! Kenny New York.

Eye on the prize.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Twin Towers of Fun

 When travelling it is essential to have a decent place to stay in after being on your feet in exploring the city. The Grid 19 Hotel was the best hotel. The price is good for a pretty awesome stay! I love the look and ambiance of it. It is not the fancy ones which you get intimidated by. I highly recommend this and I would want to stay in this hotel in the future.

Trying to be a VJ. Lol They surely have a great interior decorator and an awesome architect! I love every detail this common area has.

The room. Modern and sophisticated. 5 stars for me.

Who would not get a selfie at the mirror?

They even have a free computer area with fine gadgets like tablets and PCs.  Plus this pool table.

The Legit Model, Gwen Gamboa!

 Ain’t ready to be a model. Lol

Of course, you gotta taste their food.  Their version of Halo-halo!

At the Pavilion.

With our swollen feet making our way to the Walking Street. I should’ve brought my slippers!

The Majestic Twin Towers, The Petronas Towers.

And I won’t let it pass an opportunity for an #OOTD! 

I am wearing a epauletted black shirt from H&M. 
Thrifted sleeveless shirt.
Shorts from Cotton On.
Thrifted boat shoes.
Bag from Sirrico.

 After this trip, I discovered a new passion. Traveling!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Empire in on Fire

How could you not get drawn to this city? Thank you Empire State! I am just more love in with you.

From the Empire State Building: "Tonight and tomorrow night, we shine our lights in the colors of the Philippines flag — red, blue, yellow and white — to raise awareness and support for the country as they recover from Typhoon Haiyan.” (source:

Let’s go Philippines! Bangon Pilipinas!

Amazing Race to KL

At Tullamarine International Airport before boarding.

The three sisters and me.

At the lovely Arrival gardens at Changi Airport. You gotta have your shot here.

Jena and Me tonight! What a good reunion that was! 

At Marina Bay Sands, Highlighting the Skyline. #Lovely

The Bridge to KL.

This is the first time that I have travelled and actually able to appreciate each nation that I have been to. You get to see and encounter the people and the culture. It will be different for sure but it just makes you widen your understanding of people. Makes you think of things which you have not thought of or get a chance to stay away from a problem to really get a clearer picture.

Landed on Changi International Airport in Singapore at 7 PM, we made our way to the city for a pretty quick glance of the beauty of the country. Though we had some issues with the weather (Arte much haha) since coming from a chilly weather in Melbourne. I even had the chance to meet my best friend Jena. I was so mad at myself for not informing her(I forgot, lol). I just texted her on that hour we landed in Singapore. So she rushed to Ion Orchard to meet me and then we were inseparable! haha. True that.

Then we got to catch our flight at 6 AM to Kuala Lumpur, that gave us quite a headache.

Wait for the next installment! The KL stop of the Race.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Hi everyone! 
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this fundraising campaign for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines.
As you well know, the Category-5 super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda decimated the entire Central Philippines a couple of days ago. To date, the death toll for one of the towns that was hit badly by the typhoon has been estimated at 10,000 (and counting). Casualties from other towns and cities have yet to be reported.
I am not affiliated with any non-profit organization currently and just spearheading this relief fund campaign on my own - using any resources possible to do so. I have contacted a few local restaurants, shops and other business owners in my area to help raise additional funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). 
I started a crowd-funding relief campaign online via Fundly. My goal is only to race $5,000 so that it's very attainable. Any monetary contribution will be greatly appreciated by the Filipinos who were affected by this horrible disaster. Right now the relief fund will be used for food, medical supplies and other basic necessities. I will, of course, liaise and coordinate with the Philippine organizations who work directly with the victims. Please share and post this on your social media sites. Every dollar and "share" will go a long way. Your influence on social media will greatly help spread this fundraiser. This is the time to give back to a necessary and noble cause.
I really appreciate anything that you can give. 
Rallie Limbitco & Kenny Fortaleza

#PrayingforthePhilippines #StrongerPH

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Jetsetters

This trip is not for leisure supposedly but for more relevant reasons. But it turned out that this was so much fun! I am joined by my friends Gwen, Maee and Edge to Kuala Lumpur in which we will have a long stop over to Singapore.

These kicks will make or break you so choose comfort when travelling.

I love browns! Brown bag, brown floor, brownies!

The three angels flying with Jetstar.

Drama king scene. 

There’s gotta be cockroaches in Australia. Haha
At the Tullamarine International Airport in Melbourne.

With Ate Edge and Gwen.

Mae, Gwen and Ate Edge for checking in!
Are you ready for us???
Ready to invade KL & SG! 

 This is just a teaser! Part two coming soon..


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