Saturday, November 16, 2013

Amazing Race to KL

At Tullamarine International Airport before boarding.

The three sisters and me.

At the lovely Arrival gardens at Changi Airport. You gotta have your shot here.

Jena and Me tonight! What a good reunion that was! 

At Marina Bay Sands, Highlighting the Skyline. #Lovely

The Bridge to KL.

This is the first time that I have travelled and actually able to appreciate each nation that I have been to. You get to see and encounter the people and the culture. It will be different for sure but it just makes you widen your understanding of people. Makes you think of things which you have not thought of or get a chance to stay away from a problem to really get a clearer picture.

Landed on Changi International Airport in Singapore at 7 PM, we made our way to the city for a pretty quick glance of the beauty of the country. Though we had some issues with the weather (Arte much haha) since coming from a chilly weather in Melbourne. I even had the chance to meet my best friend Jena. I was so mad at myself for not informing her(I forgot, lol). I just texted her on that hour we landed in Singapore. So she rushed to Ion Orchard to meet me and then we were inseparable! haha. True that.

Then we got to catch our flight at 6 AM to Kuala Lumpur, that gave us quite a headache.

Wait for the next installment! The KL stop of the Race.

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