Friday, November 22, 2013

It Pays to have Good Bottoms

After an enormous time off the blogosphere, my hauls got stacked up in the closet. And now is their time to scream and shout and let it all out. Haha. No, their time to shine!

My first item is this maroonish red boat shoes that I got from a thrift store near the hospital which I had my placement. Thank God there’s something good went with that placement Haha. #kidding I got these for just $5. A total best buy!

Style tip: Best paired with shorts for the summer and spring but could also be paired with a rolled up pants with or without socks. You could actually style this with printed socks that would complement your outfit which could give your ensemble a kick.

Or go sockless. Get ready for major smelly foot. Haha. I recommend wearing foot socks.
Being the house for the retail brand Cotton On, Australia got heaps of factory outlets. And luckily I laid my eyes on these pair of Chukka/dessert boots initially worth $10 and when I got to the counter I was even more surprised that it was just for 5 bucks! How lucky can you get? Well…

Style tip: With boots you can go anything with it. Wear it with tight fitting jeans or shorts. You can’t go wrong. Or be adventurous by putting on a printed socks.

Woot woot! My not insured legs Haha.

Love this shot from the beach! 

#OMG, shopping, shopping and shopping. And shopping again. Jeez, shopping. Thank you for shopping! Hahaha! More to come.

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