Monday, December 16, 2013


The first few baby steps are the most crucial time for an infant who is learning to walk. The same goes with any new situation or a new person you just met. It will be hard to establish balance as you are still exploring how to gain that balance or trust if you like. The more you give yourself a practice to walk the better you will get each time. Well, I am just on that stage right now getting my balance here in Australia with no one to hold on to except yourself and yourself. But you have your friends as your support. Even if my stay here was pretty awesome as to this writing, a time will come when you will yearn for the people who are dear to you, people from your home. 

Back in the days when I was wishing to be here, I am becoming impatient and hopeless for my future here. And what do you know I am writing this pretty melodramatic post here in Australia. Finding your niche is the most arduous task of all. 

Now back to the fun part. I don’t know how I managed to pull this look. As you guys know I am all about casual ensembles but having to look like a million bucks in suit is a little bit out of my comfort zone. I started this look with my chocolate brown suit pants from Cotton On which I bought for 10 bucks such a deal. And then I started pairing it with my shirts and this blue chambray top fitted well with the brown pants. Paired this with my thrifted blazer and lace-up shoes from Salvation Army and ebay.

The David G. Pose. Lol.

My new sanctuary in North Balwyn!

So do I look like a manager in Coles? Hahaha. I wish I am.

I came here with 1 luggage and 2 hand carry bags and this was 127 days after and counting. Haha. I still have 2 boxes not included in this picture Haha. Imagine hoarding!

I am still hoping to be in the Philippines this Christmas or it could just be a wish for now? Lol

Friday, December 6, 2013

I am a Fashion Citizen

I have been thrifting for years now and it’s been so much fun and exciting! Some people don’t get it why but it just that surprise to find exciting and unique pieces from other people’s closet and whatnot.

I grabbed your photo cover on FB! haha. No copyright intended. :)
And I was so bored and have been wanting to go to thrift shops here in Melbourne. So I searched Youtube for some inspiration, I watched a few men’s thrift hauls but I am not satisfied haha. Then, I got to see the thrift hauls from the girls and happen to find The Fashion Citizen by Stephanie and Melissa. And I was instantly hooked! Their thrift hauls gave me what thing I am looking for. Though their hauls are womenswear I didn’t really mind because every time they do their hauls they always get pieces which are unique and not the usual thing one would gravitate into. I thought that was really interesting. This is my recent obsession. 

Stephanie has the looks of Carly Rae Jepsen and Lady Gaga in a good way of course. Love her edgy fashion forward style! Wish I could transition that into menswear. While Melissa has that good mix of flair and sweetness. I love how the way she talks. And Melissa and Stephanie are actually twins! Actually surprised when I knew!!

I just love that I could relate with them. Frugal fashionistas! I am a fan now. Love you girls. :)

Here are few of my favourite videos with that awesome Prada Haul!

And this is haul video is just crazy. They got everything for just 3 bucks! And plus that awesome foldable duffle bag. 

You can follow them on Youtube and below:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Warning: Do Not Try This

I know that Instagramming your life would be a lot fun for some but not for everyone. But try watching what happened to these girls trying to do everything in the name of a like-absorbing photo. Instagram and you could die? Had a mild heart attack with this one! 

The Salvation Army Haul

My latest Thrifting Chronicle article!

From my latest thrift haul, I got these awesome goods. Salvos is an opportunity shop that sells all sorts of goods from home furnishings, utensils, and down to my favourite section the clothes! There are amazing things in there you just have to keep your eyes wide open and be open minded. You will surely have a great time shopping.

This first item is a tuxedo-like blazer tailor made from ASOS. At first it didn’t really struck me really but when I tried it on, it sure did fitted me like a glove. Though there was a little fit issue on my arms but it’s Still a Steal! Gladly got a good item that will surely last. That will give me a run for my money.

Sorry I am so fatty now! hahaha.

Meanwhile my second steal was this belt. It really looks cool. It has this old, rugged look which makes me really want it.

Lastly, this geometrically printed shirt is relatively simple and the fit was good on me. Just right for scorching summer heat here down under. I got these for half the price so yes! Such a steal!!

I didn’t include the prices because I might get smacked down by my Mom. Hahaha. Love you Mama!


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