Monday, December 31, 2012

Hissing to 2013

Hissing my way to 2013.

I haven't thought that I can wear this heavy print just right for the new year. I am not a print person and this is definitely a risk. I am really scared of prints so call me brave now. haha.

Cheers to 2013! Happy new year guys!

Snake printed Top: thrifted

Pants: Oxygen

Shoes: TOMS

Cardigan: Bershka (Thrifted)

Accessories: Spiked bracelet from 168, Casio gold watch by Alboe Fashion

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kenny Day

Though my birthday has just passed by, I am declaring a day dedicated to myself for a tedious stressful job I managed to pull off this whole month. A fully booked holiday was the nicest present but I have to say it really got my body in full swing. Almost no time for rest so I thought of reaping some rewards for myself, some retail therapy! Yes, that’s the way it should be done.

I wore this thrifted casual cotton shirt that I paired with my Uniqlo moss green pants. I decided to accentuate it with a thin belt which is one of my favourite style weapons this year. For the bottoms, I went with my ever comfortable TOMS shoes which sort of gave the whole ensemble a pretty laid back look.

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Monday, December 24, 2012


Vest: Thrifted

Shirt: Chapel

Shorts: Thrifted

Oxford Shoes: Custom made

Watch: Casio DB360 from Alboe Fashion

Specs: Giordano

This is a randomly put together look for a mall trip. I hope you guys liked it.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's a Very Denim Christmas

It will be  a denim-filled Christmas for me. I decided to not spend too much this season and just have some of my stuffs repaired. I had a difficult time to have garments repaired. There are a lot of things to consider like a good repair shop, getting to let the tailor know what you want to do, the condition of the denim, sometimes repair shops beg off because it is hard to deconstruct the garment but yes I made them do it with a lot of bargaining and begging. Haha. This time around I learned my lesson to not get my tops get repaired again and just find a perfect fit.

I got the vest for just 50 pesos! Plus the repair fee that is 130 pesos. The repair is far expensive than the garment. haha. While the long sleeve shirt which I got for 250 pesos I think is not a recent purchase. If you can remember this from my previous post that I bleached this is that. Also, I had it repaired and fit to my physique. Lastly, the brown Replay denim which I purchased from a thrift store for only 200 pesos! They were on sale so I was lucky and bought it right away. The original cut of this denim jean was a baggy straight cut  fit. From last summer, I was raving for this colour however it is so expensive for me like almost 2,000 pesos and when I saw this from a far I did not think twice. My denim jean repair shop gladly accepted it and gave me what I want and I was so happy with the result.

You can pair the vest with a plain tee and that brown pants or a black pants will do. But I am planning on using the vest with a plain black tee. While the long sleeve shirt is perfect with a printed tee inside and have it paired with the brown pants. You can also style this long sleeve tucked in using a thin belt to give a dapper crisp look.

It’s a holiday look for less. You don’t actually have to spend so much to look gorgeous this holiday season. Enjoy and have fun this Yuletide season! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I love this Salvatore Mann Bag


Definitely, I found what I want for Christmas. This a backpack/hand bag Salvatore Mann brand that I saw from SM department store priced at 1, 000 pesos. SM Accessories and Filipino designers are really stepping it up. I think this is not pure leather but the feel of the bag is just soft and comfortable. And I love it. Moreover the zipper detail made it look edgy but still dapper chic and really screams out my name. This will be in my hands comes this weekend! Happiness.

Let’s Paint The Town Grey

How will the crazy effed up love story of Ana and Christian end? I will about to unveil the epic conclusion to most talked about and the fastest-selling paperback of all time even surpassing the Harry Potter series. And will this eclipse the undeniable success of the Twilight series once the movie adaptation surface the silver screen. A plethora of questions are about to be answered. I am deeply excited.

♛ AUK ♛

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Burn Book

In the movie, Mean Girls starred by the now troubled star Lindsay Lohan, they have what they call burn book where they write something nasty about someone they hate. I think that is a healthy way to keep your hate in a very safe place without creating a scene. But in this recent time dominated by social media, you know where people feed their feelings in lieu of the burn book. Healthy for the self but definitely sometimes exceeds of what it was intended to do.

I am creating this burn book of my own.

Why are some people so inconsiderate of others. That it has penetrated their system and acting like its normal while taking a toll at anyone who gets victimized by their insolence. Maybe, this is a problem of improper child rearing. Spoiled selfish individuals have this mentality where they think highly of themselves because they belong to the socio-economic strata of the upper class. I am truly not stereotyping but I am just pertaining to a group of individuals. Can they change? That is a question that I can not answer. And a first step to spark a change is to acknowledge the erroneous nature of their acts. No more no less.

Moreover, another saddening fact is that when people take pleasure in seeing someone else suffer or the fondness of being on top and seeing everyone they govern below them or following them wherever they go like an obedient dog. A leader does not take the pedestal to get things done. They have to go to the people to get things running.  I do not wish people to die or suffer for what they are doing but I mean karma is a b*tch.

And oh please try to learn the word respect.

Oh my God, they are so dirrrty!

Before this year ends, I want to get out of this bubble where I am trapped. I want to move forward. Let's spark good vibes and entice good karma.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Out and about

Sauntering the mall, I took the chance for a close-up. Yearly, SM malls comes up with different themes and this year they have Christmas village/Candyland that kids and kids at heart would really enjoy. I was really in a hunt for something that I don't know (crazy) but that will surprise me.

DIY PART: I was sporting a checkered shirt.  The shirt was from a thrift store that I bought for 200 Pesos. It was hanging inside my closet for a while and I haven't wore it for a long time so I thought of deconstructing it.  So there is really no pressure of making it look good right away. Voila, it looks even more wearable.  When I cut the sleeves, I gave a few centimeters allowance to allow clean finish look but later I have decided to leave it as it is for a more raw and undone look.

Comments? Suggestions? Drop them here.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vini Uehara Vedi Vici

One of my style inspiration on Lookbook is Vini Uehara, a 22 year old Fashion designer. He is popular on Lookbook with those simple laid back ensemble to over the top mix. With over 40,000 fans and counting, a widely followed Lookbook personality for sure. Definitely, a fashion risk taker and jet setter. But what I really love about his looks is that he makes them appear effortless.

This Brazilian crooner will not only interest you for his impeccable style sensibilities but can also captivate your hearts with his charm. You can catch him thru his lookbook account(click this link: Viniuehara).

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spectacular Spectacles

The new Giordano specs

Since I owned my Ermenegildo Zegna Specs from 2010, I haven't upgraded my glasses. My vision expectedly got worse. Long hours I spent in my laptop is a predominant culprit. Kim, my sister also has a refraction error and needs to get her own glasses so I went with her one day. We got our pair of glasses from Ideal Vision, an optical center. The successor to my EZ specs is a pair of Giordano spectacles that suited me well according to my sister and I think this looks better on me than the previous.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Xtina's Lotus

Before any haters can cast a curse upon her album, I just want to say that this album says that she is here to stay whether you die of hate. Haha. The cuts on the album are Billboard Hot 100 ready. Like Red Hot Kinda Love, which has an upbeat vibe and personally, I am LSS stricken by this song. My personal favourite! There are barely just album fillers in there. Let There Be Love can be at par with Kesha's and Riri's hits. This was penned and produced by Max Martin and Shellback. Light Up The Sky is also one of my favourites in her album which gave her a chance not to overdo her vocals and still want to make you go up and down. Collaborations with her The Voice co-judges Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton moreover added highlight to Lotus.

Let’s give her some time to solidify her presence, this time in the music scene. In my point of view, she doesn't need to prove herself anymore because she has, long time ago and Lotus is just an I-am-here reminder to her loyal fans and to the younger audience who haven't witnessed her golden days. Although her album debuted only at no. 7 in the Billboard 200 charts in the US which is by far the lowest sales in her career, let’s support her music even more.

Let there be love!    Love love love!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Swellmayde Aimee!

By accident I happened to stumble upon Swellmayde, a fashion blog by Aimee. I think by far this is the most inspiring blog I have read. Via her DIY projects, it instantly captured and stirred my interest. Her DIY stuffs are so good that I wanted to give it my own spin. Really inspiring. This blog really got my creative juices oozing! Not only does the blog feature fashion but also posts and DIY projects on home improvement. Aimee has also collaborated with a lot of magazines, style brands and whatnots. I have envisioned myself of doing the same. I would love to get more inspired and find interesting ideas from Swellmayde!

Meet the style savvy Aimee.

Visit her blog at Swellmayde.

I love this DIY project. It looks complicated but is really doable.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Closeted Style Savvy

[caption id="attachment_1308" align="aligncenter" width="870"] A print on print header and profile picture.[/caption]

The idea of selling clothes online started from my sister. She started by creating an instagram account for her store. So I thought of making my own and because I have heaps of stuff in my closet that I don't use anymore. This is a perfect way to gain extra income and to find new owners to my loved stuffs.

I have loads of really good garments at a very competitive price. Items still in crisp and good condition. Some are still brand new and with tags. Hoping to see you there.

Please visit and add my store on Facebook at Closeted Style Savvy!

Here are some of the samples from my store.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cardigan Love

For almost a month I haven't purchased any from thrift store that I visited. A reason is that nothing has caught my keen eye. But yesterday, I discovered this very basic but chic Bershka Cardigan from Tejay's Thrift Store, the first go-to thrift store that I know. Since they texted me yesterday about their new arrivals for garments and bags, I went with my sister.

Of course there were a lot of stuffs to go through so I don't know were to start. Haha. But yes I have to start with the bags. Nah, Nothing in the bags section. Nothing from the pants and shirts section. But when I went to the girl's sweatshirts area, I saw this cardigan and pulled it out. Immediately, I looked into the tag and it was Bershka. Bershka MAN! And then trying to contain my glee, I asked the sales personnel about the price and I instantly bought it. The cardigan is still in mint condition and feels so soft on the skin.

Love love love!

Total: 150 Pesos only!!! Yes! Great bargain find it is.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Aim High, Fly High

Now about the look that I wore for the reunion. I really just want to wear a sleeveless top because it really is hot but I went to just layering it with a military shirt to cover up the skin. Haha. The thrifted Lee Jeans stretch pants is super tight on me but the Folded and Hung Military shirt kind of  balanced the whole look. I decided to pair this with my newly acquired Oxygen Gladiators.

The look is retro inspired from the Ermenegildo Zegna Aviator Specs to the military vibe. So for the accessorising part, I went with my also newly obtained sexy vintage Casio DB-360 gold watch and a gold chained bracelet. I purchased the Gold Casio watch from Alboe Fashion, an online store at a very competitive price. Gold is starting to go mainstream again.

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What can you say about this ensemble?

Let me know what you guys think. Comment!


Monday, November 5, 2012

The Psalms of the Romans

After almost a decade post High School, we emerged what we are now. From Doctors to soon-to-be Lawyer to almost all sorts of professionals, this is the future that we have been aiming back then. But I am not that keen on saying that to myself because this is not where I dreamt to be just yet. Soon enough I can be on that place.

Kriska, the golden-voiced siren of our class spearheaded the reunion of our Psalms and Romans class. We were expecting around 50 people but of course some are already living their own lives somewhere so we can just expect for less. The date and venue got finalized. De Paolo’s Restaurant was the unanimous choice. It was our favourite go-to place in High School where they serve the ever popular potato croquette!

I am not certain of the people who will attend because I am too preoccupied with a lot of stuffs. On November 2, the day of the reunion, I still went with Mads, Cente, Audrey and Roi to have lunch. We did heaps of stuff tirelessly. Mads is a batch mate of mine and then too so we decided go together at the reunion dinner.

Of course, we arrived late. Like what’s new? Haha. As we entered the restaurant, from afar I can only count them with my hands, a bit nervous to see them again. I haven’t got used to social events like these. Mads and I roamed around to kiss and hug and say our hellos to everyone. I am elated to see them but now at a different view, in a more matured way. I was a bit surprised that they were clamoring about my blogging stint. Felt good that they knew about that and thank you Facebook!

During dinner, we rekindled our high school madness and updated each other with career and whatnot. It was nostalgia all over as we run down the crazy stuffs we did back then. Knowing friends achieve what they have right now was truly inspiring. Thereafter, we decided to have coffee at Coffee en Tree, a local coffee shop. Lots of snapshots and chats befell. The place was cozy and encouraged us to stay longer and closely get to exchange personal tales and gossip!

 With the curvaceous Hazel haha.

 With bestie pretty Madsy. :)

The night was concluded with kiss and hugs as we all parted. It’s great to be with our good old friends. Until next time friends!

To our sponsors who generously picked up the tab, thank you Doc Jean, Architect Carla and Carlo. You guys are awesome!! I want to get sponsored as well. Haha.

This is your blogger friend,

Kenny :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Another Day On Earth

The night before Halloween I celebrated my birthday with a pretty simple party with my closest best friends. Actually, this was an instantaneous idea we had with my Mom while we were dining at McDonald’s the day before my birthday. We were supposed to just go out with my family to celebrate my day.

Mads came super early and I am not even home yet! I thought that she will eat drop and run haha just like what she did last year. Right my dear? Good enough she was early because there was a power outage in their area. We had a long chat about her hang ups and issues. Haha. Don’t worry Mads I won’t drop the bomb here. Audrey and Cente were my other guests but Audrey couldn’t make it because she chose my birthday of all the days that she can schedule her tooth extraction! But that’s fine. She did make it up to that and I shall post about that part soon.

Cente came and we started loading food in our tummies. Mom was toxic serving us. Thank you Mom! The three of us stayed all night opening up stories to talk about and secrets to unveil. They did crazy things. Haha. It was definitely fun. You all made me happy.

A really simple but happy day for me.

Mom and I

 With my friends Cente and Mads

We went out the day after with Audrey.

Thank you Guys! Love you. :)


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