Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Xtina's Lotus

Before any haters can cast a curse upon her album, I just want to say that this album says that she is here to stay whether you die of hate. Haha. The cuts on the album are Billboard Hot 100 ready. Like Red Hot Kinda Love, which has an upbeat vibe and personally, I am LSS stricken by this song. My personal favourite! There are barely just album fillers in there. Let There Be Love can be at par with Kesha's and Riri's hits. This was penned and produced by Max Martin and Shellback. Light Up The Sky is also one of my favourites in her album which gave her a chance not to overdo her vocals and still want to make you go up and down. Collaborations with her The Voice co-judges Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton moreover added highlight to Lotus.

Let’s give her some time to solidify her presence, this time in the music scene. In my point of view, she doesn't need to prove herself anymore because she has, long time ago and Lotus is just an I-am-here reminder to her loyal fans and to the younger audience who haven't witnessed her golden days. Although her album debuted only at no. 7 in the Billboard 200 charts in the US which is by far the lowest sales in her career, let’s support her music even more.

Let there be love!    Love love love!

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