Friday, July 25, 2014

#OOTD: The Grunge

Went downtown to check out a local op shop (they call thrift stores, Op Shop here in down under), luckily got some cool stuffs there! So stoked. My friend Kristyl and I never really expected to find good finds there but we were wrong. Maybe I can make a post of my current thrift haul next week if I don’t get lazy. Haha. Thanks to Kristyl for taking the shots here. Love them!

Anyways, grunge trend sort of grew on me and I decided to give it a go. And so I worked around my only flannel shirt and paired it with my red cardigan from Cotton On. For my trousers, I wore this track pants that I got from the thrift which was from MNG. It was a good find and I use it quite often. And just went with my rubber shoes for a more casual look.

Hope you guys liked my look! You can hype this on my lookbook account.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fifty Shades Trailer is Here!

It has finally arrived! A lot of people are hating on this adaptation but as far as I am concerned I am quite satisfied with this sneak peek of the movie not the best as I have imagined it but its done! And it was not my/our call so might as well just enjoy every bit of it. Beyonce also giving the musical score here with a rendition of her song Crazy in Love in a more kinky version! Haha.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I’m Not Closeted.

Always have dreamt of having my own piece of heaven in my own home A.k.a. the walk-in closet. Who doesn’t want to have one right? 

I was inspired even more when a local actress, Heart Evangelista’s closet was featured in Yes magazine. Hers was more girly of course. Her current beau helped her do her closet. Chiz proposed to use incandescent light to make the shoes/clothes look more appealing as they are on department stores. And that is where I got the inspiration of having a walk in closet that has a feel of like just being in a fancy clothing store. This will keep you or me from shopping more. Clothes will look better and so is my bank. Lol

This first inspiration picture is the closest to what I have in mind. It’s like being in a Anthropology store. It’s masculine and minimalistic. The colours are dark. 

This second picture is more DIY inspired. You can just find these organising stuff on Ikea I guess and work from there. Still looks pretty cool. You have to just strategically plan where to put all the organizing racks here. A perfect time to be creative!

I also love this one below. Houses have like built in closets like this but you can just add up storage shelves.

You gotta have your island table! For sure. An essential piece in my walk in closet would be a full length mirror because it’s where all the magic happens! Dreaming is free and so I am making the most out of it. Planning is key and so is execution. Sooner I will get to have my own space. And this will be my project then.

Let your creative minds lead you to your inspiration. It’s not about being fancy. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

#OOTD: Untitled

Yesterday, I got sucked by Lookbook’s hot #ootd posts. So I got inspired and got my style on. In this ensemble I tried to add formal by tucking the shirt and accented it with a brown belt to also match the jacket. The jacket was a newly thrifted piece from Savers. I really like this jacket it’s so warm and the earth tone colour did make me like it even more. The jacket was a 90’s inspired look which I think is coming back. I reckon. I rolled up my pants and went without socks to have that casual vibe and just went with my very dependable black sneakers from Stray.

And a friggin selfie of course!!! Haha.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Little Fitspiration

Chris Mears smears the web with his oozing charisma and seks appeal. I mean common those thighs are just so well toned to perfection! Never been so inspired to get that body and hopefully that oozing seks appeal. I wish. Hahaha.

In the meantime, drool upon these…excuse my french fries but these are just.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ebay Haul

When you get bored you do this: Online shopping! But no, I’m just kidding. I either need or want these 3 items I purchased from Ebay. 

1. Snow White Assassin Decal for Macbook Pro 
I was drawn onto the Iron Man as well but I still want to retain the apple logo which is legit in this Snow White decal. I just love it. Something to make your machine look interesting. Bought this for 7 dollars with free shipping.

2. Magnetic USB charger for Xperia Z2 

It is convenient to have this handy. It’s like Macbook’s magnetic charger. They might’ve got that idea for this charging port with Xperia Z2. And I thought it’s pretty clever .

3. Nilkin Anti-shatter tempered glass screen guard

This one is the best find I think. You better check this one out. It will not only prevent your unit from scratches but for shattering your phone’s LCD which will save you heaps of cash for sure. The screen also looks clearer and brighter with the tempered glass on. A must try. Got this one for 9 bucks with free shipping. I waited for like more than 2 weeks for this though but it’s worth the wait. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

#OOTD: Jeans Dean

It’s my nod to denim and it’s iconic contribution to the fashion world. The top is a thrifted piece I got from the Philippines while my favorite tight fitting jeans are from Oxygen Clothing, one of my go-to brands in the Philippines. Oh how I missed shopping there! The black jacket is my staple outerwear when I can’t think anything else to pair with my outfit. It’s so versatile that it can fit into any ensemble given that it was just a thrifted piece I got for 100 pesos or like 2 bucks?

Went full on denim on denim in this #ootd post. I went with this light washed denim shirt to have a contrast with my darkly washed denim skinny jeans. To also camouflage that it is not a jean shirt is my goal in this ensemble. Tbh, I really like how the simplicity of this ensemble came together. It’s so me! hehe.

I hope you guys liked my OOTD post.

The “I’m quite distressed denim shirt”!! haha

Forget about the mess of this toilet! hahaha.

and my ridiculous smile here! I look terrible but I still uploaded it. haha.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kristen Stewart braves it.

This season has really spoken aloud that shorter do’s are killing it. In Kristen Stewart’s case, she really nailed this bulls eye. Hotter and edgier! But this doesn’t mean everyone should just chop their hair off. No, think about it twice or thrice. Don’t be a victim. Lol

She definitely owned it. An entirely new woman. Love her now! Gotta have that confidence to pull this look off. Kris Aquino pulled it off not so well but with proper styling its okay. Her naturally growing brown hair, ombre with her orange hair colour matched well that it didn’t attack each other. Well done, KSTEW!

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Definitely, there are no ants or whatever below. Haha.

I am not fixing anything just a way to get shot. Haha.

One day I decided to go matchy matchy with my outfit. Tried to pull off a mix of casual street style and a bit of preppiness which I can say best describes my style. Red is my favourite colour. It is just a perfect pop of colour to make any outfit stand out and look exciting.

About my outfit: This coat is a thrifted piece I got from the Philippines which is from the brand Bossini. The material is polyester which is perfect for the rainy winter days here. Then the shirt I wore but is barely seen here is from Oxygen. The black scarf is also a thrifted piece. Scarves and bonnets are must haves to bring because you’ll never know when it becomes really cold. It pays to get them handy. Skinny jeans are from Oxygen too. Who wears boat shoes during winter? Haha. I do. Guilty. But I thought it suited my ensemble. It was also thrifted from a local thrift here in Melbourne.
The Msense bag is from SM Store.

I love how this look came together. Leave down your comments below and tell me what you guys think! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Vlog on Spotlight: Clothes Encounters

One of my new obsessions is watching fashion vlogs on Youtube. To name a few are The Fashion Citizen and Bethany Mota, and Clothes Encounter is a new discovery for me. Jenn Im’s Youtube channel is quite addictive that I always watch her hauls and styling videos. Even if they are womenswear videos, I can still pick up styling ideas there to my own. Because there aren’t too many mens fashion vlogs on Youtube I am stumbled on watching more womens vlogs which are really quite entertaining.

Jenn has her unique spin on fashion. It’s not redundant or boring. It’s fresh and exciting. Actually excited for her future in the fashion world. I reckon she’s gonna go really far. I was quite amazed when her fans queued in Singapore when she went there. That was really something. Her style is not too girly that I like and it has that balance of everything. She is my style inspiration. Her thrift finds makes me really want to come to the US and rummage all the Goodwill stores there! I feel sorry for myself of not being there. :( Quite sad, but that’s my goal to to New York and other states and unravel great stuffs.

Jenn is really gorgeous. I actually have a crush on her. Haha. I am saying that out loud! Haha. Love you Jenn! Hope to meet you. :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ariana Grande Breaks Free!

My babe Ariana Grande just dropped her EDM song, Break Free featuring ZEDD. This fun-infused song is my anthem of the moment! I just love her. She’s so fun and sexy and pretty! I love you babe! Hahaha. 


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