Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Alone

Started to work with the black pants first and tried on several shirts for the top and then it all came together. I am attending my best friends’ wedding, Cente and Tel which we have been preparing for months. The attire is strictly Barong Tagalog for the men but yes I was given permission by the bride to wear what I want. Ha! She really is my best friend. Haha.

The ensemble is looking smart casual than formal but I think it did look like that because I rolled up the sleeves and unbuttoned the shirt. Forgive me but it is really a hot day so those are necessary to survive the wedding at the Church.

I am nowhere near the jungle, but the lipstick jungle. Kidding. This was shot at our backyard. I was thinking of wearing a black belt but I thought it’s boring so I opted for the brown. By the way, this slim belt is reversible if you change your mind and you want black then just twist it and you’re good. I really like that functionality. It gives you convenience and it’s a price of one for two.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t intending on having brown for my accessories it just happened. And it went well I think. I love my addition of the clutch.

And before I forget, I would like to thank my friends for ditching me on the wedding! I understand but yes it sucks to be alone. And common it’s our friend’s wedding.  You guys are awesome! haha. Kidding. :)

What I wore: Jean Top and pants from Uniqlo, Belt from The SM Store, Shoes custom made, Leather clutch custom made, Specs from Giordano

Hype this look on lookbook! Please? Lol. 

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