Friday, July 26, 2013

It’s Not What You Think It Is

 After some time, I finally got back to work not permanently though. Happy that people still want me to work for them and with them. That’s just so gladdening. Right? I will be forever grateful for these opportunities. And this is a great distraction from my current dilemmas too. So I'm hitting it twice with a stone.

Me and the new Portable Xray Truck!

 This is the best work. Being able to wear what I want. Not really but it's because I don’t have blue scrubs. But loving what you wear really does make you even more self assured. A perfect excuse eh? Lol.

Do you want to come sit with me and have a Kitkat? :)

This is not what you think it is! Not trying Jhong Hilarios’ photo oopsie! Hahaha.

Thanks to my photographer of the day Ma’am Jen! :)

Shoe Selfie time!!!

About my #OOTD
Shirt from Bench
Pants Thrifted
Shoes Thrifted
 I am frugal. Hahaha.

Definitely, Happy to work in style!!

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