Saturday, August 15, 2015

Flask Me Like You Do

A party or a gathering will not be complete without a sparkling glass of wine. Even in formal social gatherings like weddings, it can't get overlooked. It is a must. To be honest, I haven't thought of bringing a jug of booze with me, only a bottle of water that's all. But, this brand of flask for gentlemen drew my attention, Swig Flasks. They are ultra refined catered for any gentleman or woman who wants to have a good time with their friends without showing off what they are drinking.  Anyways, #TGIF so what else to do than to chill out.

Personally, I love the Executive Moulded Orange and the Heritage Dark Havana Flask which is obviously their best sellers. They have sold out of these when I ordered. Such a bummer but I went for the Executive Moulded Blue flask which also looks chic and definitely exudes my style. They look like accessories so they shy away from the attention which I definitely love. It is very handy and you can just chuck it in your purse or in the pockets of your jacket or suit. And have I told you that the pouches are made of tan leather? Super sleek, right? It will also make it for easier grip. It's on sale for 69 pounds! Still a steal.

You can visit their website at SWIGFLASKS. They have a huge array of flasks/sleeves. It is a perfect present for almost any occasion. I am pretty sure any wine connoisseur will be head over heels with this hip flask.


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