Friday, October 19, 2012

Hell of a Month

I was supposed to publish this a week ago but then I thought I might entitle this post with "Hell Month”. Because it has been and will be but I ain’t complaining! Octoberiffic it is!

Last week welcomed me with an explosion of appointments. Monday started with a graveyard shift work at the hospital. It ended with a very controversial meeting with co-employees that tackled serious issues related to work. I haven’t slept enough so I was really eager to get out of the meeting and I did. 

At 11 AM of Tuesday, I got out of the hospital. With a strict intention to look fresh and hot (haha) as I can before my meet up with my special best friend Mads who just got back from the U.S. and my other best mates Audrey and Cente. I caught some sleep and I headed out again. And there we all met. We had the best time!

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