Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let’s Get This Party Studded

Studs are perfect in making an outfit look edgier and have that rock and roll chic look. I have not explored the idea of incorporating them into my clothes until last Monday. On Facebook, I posted a picture of metal studs and asked to where I can get some. Lucky enough, I managed to find some at a local store in the city. Metal studs are best placed on jeans and leather. Jeans are a tough fabric so putting on studs will not destroy it that much. It can also be used in glamming up bags or shoes.

Just need to experiment on your outfits. Not only with jeans but you can also do this with your bags, tops and others.


Metal Studs

1. I thought of making them as collar tips. So I laid them first if how many could fit in. You will have to think of where to place your studs first. 

 2. I drew a triangle in the collar so I filled them all. Just be careful to not prick yourself because the studs have pointed metal teeth.

In my case, I chose to edge up my jean shirt. You can play up where you want to put it on. So this is how it looks now.

For questions and suggestions just drop them on the comments section. :)


  1. Where did you buy that kind of studs? I've been looking all over Metro Manila and all I've found are the ones that require sewing :/

  2. You can find it from craft stores who sell ribbons, threads, etc. Yes, at first was really difficult to find these but I was glad that some stores have it. Here in Pampanga, we have several stores selling studs and I’m quite sure you have it there in Manila as well. hehe :)



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