Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cool Hunts 101

This tailored shorts from is the perfect mix of casual and formal. I can dress up this wearing a tailored long-sleeved top and a pair of brogues or dress down by just putting on a tank top and a pair of boots. It retails at Php. 519 plus 85 for the delivery fee. Not so bad! 
I guess I’m obsessing with florals now. This extra chic Hina Tropical jacket is a dream that will not come true for me. Haha. Because it is super expensive. It retails at GBP 298.80. But the print is just so chic! #fashiongasm Actually, this is best paired with that Straightforward tailored shorts right?

This elegant and expensive looking camel coat is to die for. I wanna have it in my closet! It’s a must have especially for autumn or winter. This camel color is so delicious and rich I want to eat it. Lol

Speaking of eating.
That’s why I gained so much weight right now is because of my voracious appetite! This is my favorite snack. Can’t get enough of this. I want moooore. :( Too bad I couldn’t find this in Australia. Bad.

This song really captured my tune hungry ears. I love the EDM aspect of the song. It’s something that is fresh and not too mainstream. Sometimes, you also seek for those songs which can replace your daily fix of pop songs or mainstream ones. Kid Ink’s Sunset did that for me. Replay button on repeat. Rape it!

Until my next cool hunting! xo

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bright, Brighter, Brighton

Yeah What up?
Patiently waiting for my destination! At Brighton Beach, Melbourne.

Tourist mode here at the beach. The weather was quite cool so a jacket is a must have! The beach has a very picturesque view. Making some pose here and there. Thank you Tita Liz for the shot. 

I must say I love this shot. 

Wallpaper ready! Love love this view! 
Lot’s of boxes to choose from. Breathtaking view.


The beach was infested with pre-nuptial photo shoots like shark-infested haha #kidding but this beach is not shark-infested of course. I am not so surprised that couples choose to shoot here, the view is just a perfect backdrop for any occasion. There were like 3 wedding photo shoots I saw there that day.

You gotta have a shot at the Stralya Flag Box! 

Tita Liz and Tita Ia <3

With the super adorable Tita Liz!

And Meh!!! Haha.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Major Fan Moment

One of the things on my bucket list is to see this young fashionable man! David is a famous fashion blogger here in the Philippines but not only that he is a endorser of many name brands. I was surprised to see him while he was being photographed by his lovely sister. David was sitting on the grass then I helped him get up. haha. Super down to earth. His lovely sister gladly did the shot. They are having a bazaar with other merchants. I really can’t get over this haha. Seriously. Call me crazy but yeah I think I am.

Thank you so much David John Guison!!! I can now rest in peace. Hahaha.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mirror Selfie Confessions

During Boxing Day, I wore this pretty relaxed ensemble. You have to be comfortable since you’ll be roaming around the city rummaging for amazing deals and whatnot. There were good deals but I was a little disenchanted because there wasn’t really stuff that would grab your attention for the price they are asking. 

However, just when you thought the day is over I saw these two stuffs. I got the neclace from Lovisa. Lovisa has heaps of cool stuffs specifically for women but I don’t really care. 

Super Adorbs!!!
Skull Ring from Lovisa. A present from my friend Clara.
The gold tusk like necklace from Lovisa.
Thrifted H&M Top 
Thrifted Mango Track suit pants
Customized Oxford flats 
Necklace by Lovisa
Watch by Fossil 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It’s Here!

And the wait is over! Katy Perry as Katy Patra, the Egyptian queen. To be honest, I was really expecting a video with deeper story but no. The video was okay. It was visually rich though and entertaining. I just wish there could be something more to it to make it more interesting.

What do you reckon?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pumped up Floral Kicks

Photo credits from Kicks On Fire

And right after I had a glimpse, I knew I have to have them! But of course if there are still around. These pair of Stefan Janoski Nike sneakers were released early last year. The design was new coming from an unexpected prints and since florals are on trend I think they went with the bandwagon and went full on.

From afar, it looks like the prints are precise but when you look closer they are actually pixelized. Much more cooler doesn’t it? These retails at around $90. After my research, most of the online stores have sold out these designs already and new ones have been out. Too bad! The new ones are quite good too but these are better. I found few pairs on Ebay at which they cost from $300 to a whopping 1 grand. TBH I wouldn’t go that far.

These bad boys will break my heart!! I have to have them in my life right now!

The new Digi Floral Stefan Janoskis.

Which ones are you more attracted to? Leave some comments!

Katy Patra

Katy Perry’s Dark Horse featuring Juicy J is really a dark horse when it was released but after quite sometime it came really strong. To be honest, I wasn’t really digging this song before but it just grew on me. I really can’t wait for the Egyptian queen, Katy Patra!

Dropping in a few hours from now!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Floral Domination

These floral prints have been here for a while and I haven’t been blogging about them but they are now! Been living under a huge rock that’s why. Lol. Florals are all the rage right now even for men. I admit I am not really feeling this prints even before as they are too girly for my taste. But I really really love them right now. They have that vintagey and elegant casual feel to it.

I feel that they are so chic and on trend. At French Connection in Melbourne Central, I found a graphic tee which I really love but was too expensive for my style. It is printed against a black background which I was rooting for because its not screaming that too feminine. Just that perfect mix. 

Paging sponsors! Lol

I love love this!!! 

This is a Balenciaga Floral Tee.

I am planning to have this print to get printed into a black tshirt. I hope it gets done. Lol

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Edgy Edge

My style is mostly that of preppy or casual but I am trying to look more edgy or hard as much as I can. It’s good to try different away from your comfort zone once in a while. This time I did a little push by wearing this black tights again which I got beaten up by my mates which they think is too much. Which is why I wore it. Unexpected is what I am going for. Knowing from the past that when you wear a tight fitting trousers you have to wear something loose for your top and opted for this thrifted Topman printed tee and my DIY acid washed denim vest. And since brogues are all the rage right now I wore this thrifted Hush Puppies brogues to seal this look. I am currently obsessed with the Cole Haan’s Lunar Grands but they are too expensive so when I saw this brogues at Vinnies, I instantly grabbed it and walked away. Haha. No of course I paid for it.

Sorry for the late posts! Will be posting more hopefully. Lol

What do you guys think?


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