Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Floral Domination

These floral prints have been here for a while and I haven’t been blogging about them but they are now! Been living under a huge rock that’s why. Lol. Florals are all the rage right now even for men. I admit I am not really feeling this prints even before as they are too girly for my taste. But I really really love them right now. They have that vintagey and elegant casual feel to it.

I feel that they are so chic and on trend. At French Connection in Melbourne Central, I found a graphic tee which I really love but was too expensive for my style. It is printed against a black background which I was rooting for because its not screaming that too feminine. Just that perfect mix. 

Paging sponsors! Lol

I love love this!!! 

This is a Balenciaga Floral Tee.

I am planning to have this print to get printed into a black tshirt. I hope it gets done. Lol

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