Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bright, Brighter, Brighton

Yeah What up?
Patiently waiting for my destination! At Brighton Beach, Melbourne.

Tourist mode here at the beach. The weather was quite cool so a jacket is a must have! The beach has a very picturesque view. Making some pose here and there. Thank you Tita Liz for the shot. 

I must say I love this shot. 

Wallpaper ready! Love love this view! 
Lot’s of boxes to choose from. Breathtaking view.


The beach was infested with pre-nuptial photo shoots like shark-infested haha #kidding but this beach is not shark-infested of course. I am not so surprised that couples choose to shoot here, the view is just a perfect backdrop for any occasion. There were like 3 wedding photo shoots I saw there that day.

You gotta have a shot at the Stralya Flag Box! 

Tita Liz and Tita Ia <3

With the super adorable Tita Liz!

And Meh!!! Haha.

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