Friday, February 21, 2014

Mirror Selfie Confessions

During Boxing Day, I wore this pretty relaxed ensemble. You have to be comfortable since you’ll be roaming around the city rummaging for amazing deals and whatnot. There were good deals but I was a little disenchanted because there wasn’t really stuff that would grab your attention for the price they are asking. 

However, just when you thought the day is over I saw these two stuffs. I got the neclace from Lovisa. Lovisa has heaps of cool stuffs specifically for women but I don’t really care. 

Super Adorbs!!!
Skull Ring from Lovisa. A present from my friend Clara.
The gold tusk like necklace from Lovisa.
Thrifted H&M Top 
Thrifted Mango Track suit pants
Customized Oxford flats 
Necklace by Lovisa
Watch by Fossil 

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