Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cool Hunts 101

This tailored shorts from is the perfect mix of casual and formal. I can dress up this wearing a tailored long-sleeved top and a pair of brogues or dress down by just putting on a tank top and a pair of boots. It retails at Php. 519 plus 85 for the delivery fee. Not so bad! 
I guess I’m obsessing with florals now. This extra chic Hina Tropical jacket is a dream that will not come true for me. Haha. Because it is super expensive. It retails at GBP 298.80. But the print is just so chic! #fashiongasm Actually, this is best paired with that Straightforward tailored shorts right?

This elegant and expensive looking camel coat is to die for. I wanna have it in my closet! It’s a must have especially for autumn or winter. This camel color is so delicious and rich I want to eat it. Lol

Speaking of eating.
That’s why I gained so much weight right now is because of my voracious appetite! This is my favorite snack. Can’t get enough of this. I want moooore. :( Too bad I couldn’t find this in Australia. Bad.

This song really captured my tune hungry ears. I love the EDM aspect of the song. It’s something that is fresh and not too mainstream. Sometimes, you also seek for those songs which can replace your daily fix of pop songs or mainstream ones. Kid Ink’s Sunset did that for me. Replay button on repeat. Rape it!

Until my next cool hunting! xo

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