Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sasa Summer

This is a Cotton On ensemble except for the cardigan by Bershka. Wore this to the city to go for shopping. I know it is a little too late for summer here in Australia but I’m still in for summer in the Philippines! Lol. Summer in OZ is really really hot like barbecue hot. That’s why when I went home last February, I told myself that I wouldn’t even utter a word for nagging about the hot weather in the Philippines.

Going back, I just love this laid back style. Just a tank and shorts. I reckon I should’ve ditched the boots but yeah. The Australian street style is quite simple but still they have that exciting element to their every outfit that I am trying to adapt. It is not that too overboard to do but still emanates a fashion sensibility that I can still identify myself in.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Black is the Color of My Energy

I love black. You can’t go wrong with it. No rules. Anything goes. And because winter is near, it is a great colour, as they say it absorbs heat. This was at IKEA. Loving the displays here actually. It just makes you daydream about your own home and how it would look like. So dreamy.

Especially love this display!

Look middle downwards.

Look more downwards. haha. Sorry but I am really looking for something really lost my self here. Lol

MMK emote. Haha.

And of course a mirror selfie! Lol

Monday, May 5, 2014

Autumn In My Heart

Just like that popular Korean Drama, Endless Love. The universe will not always conspire with what you desire. Sometimes, it just does betrays your indelible expectation of people and things. Seasons will not always sympathize with your life events or whatnot but today it did. Here in the southern hemishpere, fall is the trend and so is my feeling. Fallen and broken into bits and pieces.

Sorry for the drama! Haha. Anyhow, back to the fun part. Decided to assemble this look around this skull printed cardigan that I bought at a thrift. What I really admire in this look is that its just back relaxed and confortable but still makes me warm in the 12 degrees weather of Autumn. Paired this too with a cotton skull printed tee. I was thinking of wearing my skull socks and ring too but that is an overkill!

Heaps of sorry for guys for the super late post!


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