Saturday, August 31, 2013

Me, My Friends and I

Friends will keep you. Friends will break you. But finding people who make you happy are rare finds. Being here for the first time is a lot to take in. I am worried with heaps of inconceivable potential problems. The very beautiful Gwen who was my seatmate during my first day at school didn’t take time for us to be friends. It was like a friend request from Facebook and in one click you’re friends already. I know right?

And the friend requests kept coming! So glad to have fabulous friends here in OZ. 

And even one of our educators believed we were in a relationship! hahaha. That’s how close we are.

At the Immigration Museum. Photo credits to Kuya Rommel. Love the shot!

 The lovely Anna, Top Model Ate Gwen and the gorjas Jun! Haha.

At the not-so Hungry Jacks! With Buff Kuya Dino haha, the Party Animal Luena, Lovely Anna, the very uptight Claire, Beautiful Anne and the alluring Aubrey!

Awww the busiest class ever! And Anne in here was not aware I was taking a shot?

And even in the dining area, busy bees are we all!

Our pretty and Gorjas classmates from India and Alyssia’s infectious laugh. :))

Luena is looks like my sister! #kalokalike

The pretty Anne and Luena

Photo credits to Jun! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

In Boots I Trust

Together with my satchel bag, I also wanted to have my first pair of leather boots. Oh no wait, correction my second pair. Way back in grade school, I had my first one! Haha. Yes, I can say that I am a fashionista as early as that. Although boots are not quite recommended in the Philippines due to the scorching hot climate. But they are making waves now not only in womens but on mens as well.

While I was explaining to the store manager about what I want, I showed this picture below. Aside from that, I told him that I want a pair of boots which I can dress up and down. Something that I can wear to a formal dinner and to a walk in a park. I was greatly inspired by this Zara boots which I saw from Pinterest.

The store manager, Mr. Laxamana, showed me a kind of leather called cordovan which was soft and sturdy as well. Instantly, I knew it was the one that I want. The colour was perfect too.

I can honestly say that they really excel in making awesome shoes. The quality and execution is remarkable. Happy customer!

So happy and thankful that I did this. I certainly need this in this chilly weather here in Melbourne!

Monday, August 19, 2013

If No One Will Do It For You

If no one will do it for you then do it yourself. Says selfie. Haha. I know. We all may have done one selfie in our lifetime. While I was waiting outside the dressing room, I did myself a favour of snapping some selfies. I was quite confident with this look that I pulled together. It’s chilly here in Melbourne and layering clothes is really to be taken seriously. You don’t wanna be a frozen delight. Do you? Lol

This was my first week here in Australia. Look how time flies so fast. Being away may be hard and all but I have to endure it. In the meantime, I could use some stress relief via these #OOTD’s and fashion and basically just occupying myself with productive things to do. Basically, what I want is just to meet new faces and get to know Melbourne more. 

At the dressing room while Tita Liz is fitting her clothes. Squeezed in some time for this.
At Northland Shopping Centre

Camwhoring in stores near you! Hahaha.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It’s Going Down Unda!

At long last, I got to update my dear blog. But not only that after Jurassic years of waiting, I finally landed in Australia. The road may not be that smooth for me from my application to the very crucial last two days before my departure. I just received my freaking Visa Tuesday night and I flew Friday night. My class will start on the following Monday so I was literally on scramble mode trying to buy things and pack and meet friends and I don’t know what else. I was even out of home just few hours before I am to leave the Philippines since I am still trying to finish my requirements for the school. Isn’t that crazy? I tell you don’t try this ever. Only for people like me. Haha.

Moving on, I landed in Sydney Saturday morning to meet my very very kind friend Jerome. Thank you so much to him and her gorjas mom, Aunt Dang! And the following day I flew to Melbourne where I will stay for a while. I am staying with Aunt Liza and Aunt Ia, who were so warm and welcoming. I felt like I found foster parents here in OZ.

All I can say is THANK YOU to all the persons who helped me get thru this. From airport personnel who gladly helped me especially Eda(I still remember her name LOL) at Sydney Domestic Airport who let me pass with my overweight baggage. Thank you!

At Sydney International Airport

With the blooming Mom, Ate Joy and fresh Kuya Jerome haha.

I hope I get this big purse. I mean the money inside! haha

With the lovely Tita Liza

The sunken library Lol

I’m fine okay? 

Saw this at the Mall. 

I just love this view right? SHOPPING

I hate putting on lip balm but I guess I have to. Say no to cracked lips.

This was photographed by my new friend Mae! Thanks Mae!

The Kalesa in OZ.

Ohhhh Lavenders…Hmmm

And the lovely home.

This is what I have been busy about in a nutshell. That’s it for now guys!

Monday, August 5, 2013

No way but the High-way

Last week was a hell of week. From wee hour call times to a great load of patients to a distant travel to the site, we were able to endure all of that. Of course with friends at your side, no work is that hard if you’re having fun right?

Even though the entire week was super taxing, we still were able to inject fun and craziness. Haha. It’s what it should be. No stress just love.

At the Expressway Tollway Balintawak Office.

The Expressway. We didn’t waste time shooting here. Haha.

To the left, to the left.

The pose of the century.

Stolen Shot? Nah! haha

Feeling the greeneries along the high way with smoke, traffic and noise. So much fun! 

There’s only one way to happiness. It’s your choice and you know it.

Wait for my next post with my friends at work! :)

About the look
Shirt from Bench
Pants from Uniqlo
Shoes Thrifted

Sunday, August 4, 2013

POP Explosion

Lady Gaga’s much anticipated album is slated to be released on November  11, 2013. It was supposed to be on September but she suffered from an injury during her Born This Way concert ball.

Applause is the lead single from the album. Vincent Herbert, Lady Gaga’s manager commented about the album’s material and said “Just insane, great records.” Can you wait until August 19 for her single release? I can’t wait either!!!!

Meanwhile, another pop superstar is also set to release her equally anticipated album! Katy Perry’s Prism album which will go head-to-head with Gaga’s which will be released October 22. Roar is speculated to be the lead single from Katy’s album. Dr. Luke, Max Martin among others co wrote this song also with her hits like Teenage Dream, California Girls. Dr. Luke hinted via a tweet, “and the single starts with an R..” Then a fan asked if it is a Katy Perry song, he replied “Maybe”. 

Ugh these teasers!!! 

It’s the golden freaking truck!

Here is an even more teasing teaser. Katy saying buh-bye to her iconic blue wig! Are we saying good riddance to the cat and unleashing a lioness now? #ROAR.

The question is who are you most excited about? Which side are you on? Who will reign the Billboards chart with these two pop icons set to clash this coming autumn!!! 


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