Monday, August 19, 2013

If No One Will Do It For You

If no one will do it for you then do it yourself. Says selfie. Haha. I know. We all may have done one selfie in our lifetime. While I was waiting outside the dressing room, I did myself a favour of snapping some selfies. I was quite confident with this look that I pulled together. It’s chilly here in Melbourne and layering clothes is really to be taken seriously. You don’t wanna be a frozen delight. Do you? Lol

This was my first week here in Australia. Look how time flies so fast. Being away may be hard and all but I have to endure it. In the meantime, I could use some stress relief via these #OOTD’s and fashion and basically just occupying myself with productive things to do. Basically, what I want is just to meet new faces and get to know Melbourne more. 

At the dressing room while Tita Liz is fitting her clothes. Squeezed in some time for this.
At Northland Shopping Centre

Camwhoring in stores near you! Hahaha.

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