Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It’s Going Down Unda!

At long last, I got to update my dear blog. But not only that after Jurassic years of waiting, I finally landed in Australia. The road may not be that smooth for me from my application to the very crucial last two days before my departure. I just received my freaking Visa Tuesday night and I flew Friday night. My class will start on the following Monday so I was literally on scramble mode trying to buy things and pack and meet friends and I don’t know what else. I was even out of home just few hours before I am to leave the Philippines since I am still trying to finish my requirements for the school. Isn’t that crazy? I tell you don’t try this ever. Only for people like me. Haha.

Moving on, I landed in Sydney Saturday morning to meet my very very kind friend Jerome. Thank you so much to him and her gorjas mom, Aunt Dang! And the following day I flew to Melbourne where I will stay for a while. I am staying with Aunt Liza and Aunt Ia, who were so warm and welcoming. I felt like I found foster parents here in OZ.

All I can say is THANK YOU to all the persons who helped me get thru this. From airport personnel who gladly helped me especially Eda(I still remember her name LOL) at Sydney Domestic Airport who let me pass with my overweight baggage. Thank you!

At Sydney International Airport

With the blooming Mom, Ate Joy and fresh Kuya Jerome haha.

I hope I get this big purse. I mean the money inside! haha

With the lovely Tita Liza

The sunken library Lol

I’m fine okay? 

Saw this at the Mall. 

I just love this view right? SHOPPING

I hate putting on lip balm but I guess I have to. Say no to cracked lips.

This was photographed by my new friend Mae! Thanks Mae!

The Kalesa in OZ.

Ohhhh Lavenders…Hmmm

And the lovely home.

This is what I have been busy about in a nutshell. That’s it for now guys!

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