Sunday, August 4, 2013

POP Explosion

Lady Gaga’s much anticipated album is slated to be released on November  11, 2013. It was supposed to be on September but she suffered from an injury during her Born This Way concert ball.

Applause is the lead single from the album. Vincent Herbert, Lady Gaga’s manager commented about the album’s material and said “Just insane, great records.” Can you wait until August 19 for her single release? I can’t wait either!!!!

Meanwhile, another pop superstar is also set to release her equally anticipated album! Katy Perry’s Prism album which will go head-to-head with Gaga’s which will be released October 22. Roar is speculated to be the lead single from Katy’s album. Dr. Luke, Max Martin among others co wrote this song also with her hits like Teenage Dream, California Girls. Dr. Luke hinted via a tweet, “and the single starts with an R..” Then a fan asked if it is a Katy Perry song, he replied “Maybe”. 

Ugh these teasers!!! 

It’s the golden freaking truck!

Here is an even more teasing teaser. Katy saying buh-bye to her iconic blue wig! Are we saying good riddance to the cat and unleashing a lioness now? #ROAR.

The question is who are you most excited about? Which side are you on? Who will reign the Billboards chart with these two pop icons set to clash this coming autumn!!! 

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