Sunday, August 25, 2013

In Boots I Trust

Together with my satchel bag, I also wanted to have my first pair of leather boots. Oh no wait, correction my second pair. Way back in grade school, I had my first one! Haha. Yes, I can say that I am a fashionista as early as that. Although boots are not quite recommended in the Philippines due to the scorching hot climate. But they are making waves now not only in womens but on mens as well.

While I was explaining to the store manager about what I want, I showed this picture below. Aside from that, I told him that I want a pair of boots which I can dress up and down. Something that I can wear to a formal dinner and to a walk in a park. I was greatly inspired by this Zara boots which I saw from Pinterest.

The store manager, Mr. Laxamana, showed me a kind of leather called cordovan which was soft and sturdy as well. Instantly, I knew it was the one that I want. The colour was perfect too.

I can honestly say that they really excel in making awesome shoes. The quality and execution is remarkable. Happy customer!

So happy and thankful that I did this. I certainly need this in this chilly weather here in Melbourne!

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