Friday, March 28, 2014

FIRMOOholic Giveaway

Hey my dear readers and not so readers!

 These are my top picks from their wide selection of glasses from FIRMOO. Super chic I must say. Can’t wait to get hold of these and incorporate them on my wardrobe!

This is my first ever blog giveaway sponsored by Firmoo, one of the most fashion forward eyeglass online store. Super stoked upon receiving an email from them. 

I am giving away 5 Gift vouchers from Firmoo worth $30 each. Be sure to check this link first
if you’re country is included in their mailing list. Your country has to be on the list for you to join this giveaway.

Also check this page for which you can use your gift vouchers to buy these spectacular spectacles.

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 Winners will be announced on April 7, 2014! I will contact you thru twitter.

Super thrilled!!!! Thank you Firmoo and my readers! Wow, readers talaga! hahaha.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Finally, H&M in Australia!

After so many years of clamouring and starving for this retail brand, H&M is finally stepping foot into the Australian grounds. Opening the Swedish retail giant flagship store at Melbourne’s GPO, the shopping capital of Australia. Aussies and H&M fans are finally getting their piece of heaven! H&M will go head to head with the biggest department stores here in Australia, Myer and David Jones also alongside Zara. It is known that it will also have a 3 storey building. This will surely stir the market and competition. A healthy competition I reckon! It’s about time.

I am so excited! H&M opens April 5 at Bourke Street beside Myer. Miranda Kerr models for the ads which are all over the city.



Monday, March 24, 2014

Press Pause and Play

It was like hitting that pause and play button. When I left for the Philippines and left again for Australia, just that feeling of continuity without too much drama. From a sleepless night before my connecting flight to Australia to a 7-hour lay over at the Changi Aiport to the 8-hour flight to Australia, summed up with these photos that can either annoy or annoy you! Lol

Thank you to my friends who gave me this neck pillow! Abi, Leslie, Jena. Bawi nakumu guys pag bongga na haha. 
From the Philippines 

To Singapore!

#mirrorselfie at Changi

Touching down to Melbourne!

Trying this athletic chicness. Mixing athletic wear and preppy clothes. I wore this double breasted jacket with my gray button down and paired it with my red boat shoes for an extra pop of colour. Do you guys like it? Thoughts? 

Selfie while waiting for the bus going to the city. 

At Collins Street, the tram station.

Selfie at Southwharf

QUOTA na ang selfie!!! Haha.

 And then I saw this badboy that I have been looking for!!!! This Stefan Janoski Nike SB digi floral print retails here at AUD 149.00. Man if I only have the money! I wouldn’t think twice.

 We attended the Hillsong service headed by Chris Mendez! He really is a powerful speaker!
Definitely, related with his message.
Concluded the day at Dondon’s with this Pork teriyaki.

Till my next post! xoxo

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mandatory OOTD

Disclaimer: not a model only a fashion blogger. LOL

Snatched this mandatory #ootd post at NAIA terminal 1 parking area, before I left for Australia again. This floral top I love so much. Paired it with this thrifted jeans that I altered to fit and the red boat shoes.

The scale of the print is just a little too large for me. 
But it’s not too unflattering for me though. It was just okay.

A look away.
Why am I so serious? LOL

The best Mom ever!

Best Sis ever! (with Mom’s fingers on the camera Haha)
And my Brother who I don’t have a picture with!

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go and so are my eyebags!
I only slept like an hour before the flight. Major eyebags!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Keeping It Real at Changi

I really didn’t mind that I have a connecting flight because I know that I’ll be going to Changi Airport. This is the best airport I have ever been to so far. The amenities are endless. The toilets, shops, lounge area, the staff and everything is on point!

Of course, I wouldn’t pass up taking a pic at the Social Tree. Lol

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I am taking another one.

Sometimes, we get lazy and get comfortable in a space we forget what we really want in life. But what really gets us on our feet is when we try to get out of our shell and try different things. I am doing that one right now but for the second time. They say if you didn’t make it on the first try then you are in for success! And I firmly believe that we should not get discouraged by a single failure to make us give up easily. A firm resolve spirit will fight it until the very last chance that it can take.

I am taking another one. I believe. I will get it. I am claiming it!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

4 Seasons of Torment

Are we really, finally, eventually, hopefully, truly unveil who A actually is? Four seasons after the premiere, this trailer gives us a peek at the most shocking finale ever in #PLL history according to ABC Family that is. I mean of course I'm freaking eggzited!!! Who is not! These Liars have suffered so much I think they will just lie on their couch all their adult life through. Haha. No doubt!

Pull the trigger Hanna! Don’t you dare holdback! We deserve to know who that b*tch was. Suffered 4 seasons and this must be a shocker or else!

Rise from the doubtful past 4 seasons and get your popcorns and soda ready. Because this might be the end of the roller coaster ride for the totally mistaken identity of -A.

What could Noel possibly have to do with Ali’s supposed death?
Why did Ali took 4 seasons to show up and tell us that she is freaking alive!!! (that’s meant to be a question but…)
What will we expect next to these 4 or 5 girls excluding Mona?
Who is that body on Allison’s grave?
and the questions are endless until the spring finale!

Kisses b*tches! xoxo

A Slice of New York

Every now and then I change my desktop wallpaper to bring me that sense of newness and inspiration. It really has that effect on me. Especially having to look at these New York skylines whenever you want. Relaxing. Calming.  You all know that making it to New York has always been my dream. But right now, it’s hard to say that I am halfway there but I’d rather say I will get there when you see me post a selfie on Time Square!

Whatever is running in my mind, majority of it are empty thoughts which I can’t even do something about for now. But I mean when they’re just on your head and makes you nuts, so I must let go of it. Let it go as Elsa belts out in Frozen. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Mean Girl is Back!

Lindsay's interview with Jimmy Fallon for her new reality TV series Lindsay on OWN was so fetch! Lindsay should really get her act together as everyone thinks this is her second chance at heaven. Better not mess this up LiLo! It's good that Oprah intervened somehow with Lindsay's life and that's when Lindsay decided to continue with the reality TV show. You are still my favourite above everything you have been through!

LiLo also hinted a possible reunion with other casts of Mean Girls movie which will celebrate their 10 years this year. Omg that really came so fast. I still watch Mean Girls every once in a while. It's like they haven't aged. She saw Tina Fey who played Ms. Norbury in the movie backstage, and said to her that she had talks with the big wigs about a possible reunion but let's get our fingers crossed with this one! 

Check this water war game with Jimmy Fallon! Super fetch! Yes I am making fetch happen Regina!

Are you excited with Lilo's new TV series? 
or are you even more thrilled about the rumored Reunion?

Either way I can't wait!!! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just Your Ordinary Collective Haul

Thank God my floral obsession came to life. I unearthed this floral t-shirt at a local boutique here in Angeles City for Php 400. The print I thought was too large it makes you look a little bigger but that’s just fine. But hey it’s not that bad.

I admit that I am so attached with the grey or black ensemble. However, I want to move out of my comforts and wanted to be more adventurous and risky with my style choices. This retailed Php 150 at the thrift store. This Koi-inspired sweatshirt is that perfect mix of colours that will definitely light up the room when I wear it! Haha. 

OMG. Digging this skull cardigan! Bought this for just Php 130. I mean it’s that combo of edge and casual which I love. Can’t wait to wear this! I mean not now in the summery weather.

ASOS has been bringing good and quality clothing to their costumers via their online store. I stumbled upon this jean shirt with plaid detail which was a bit too tight on me but still I went with it. This retailed at AUD 7 at Savers. I can’t stop purchasing denim tops. I mean they are one of the timeless pieces so I can’t have too many denim tops right? Lol #makingexcusesformyself

Flannel is in! This wool and cotton fabric can make you feel warm during autumn or winter. I have thought of styling this by tying it around your waist. But this could be a style essentials too during music festivals. Just pair this up with a tank top wear it as is and have a rolled up shorts and boots and you’re ready. And if you get sweaty and stuff you can remove it and tie around your waist which is like a 90s style identifier. Is it 90s? or 80s? whatever. Still it keeps your style game up a notch And got this for Php 180.

What are your thoughts with my hauls? Share your hauls too on the comments below! I love seeing other’s makes me feel good. Lol

I Am Not A

I am not definitely Red Coat or -A in Pretty Little Liars. But I happen to stumble upon this quite nice coat hanging from the ceiling of my favorite thrift store here in Pampanga. It’s a Bossini red coat. The store was having a sale. So lucky! I got this for Php 115 only. Quite a steal! 

This coat fitted with my outfit haha. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Selfie Wars at the Oscars

But this years Oscars was so entertaining and funny because of the exceptional injection of humour by Ellen Degeneres. Such a great host! I hope she hosts the Oscars next year too and the next next year and the next. Haha. 

Ellen did a selfie with the biggest stars of Hollywood to make history of having the most retweets. And it was history indeed! It got 2.6 million retweets as of this writing.  Not only that, Ellen also ordered pizza to the most likely hungry hollywood stars and she really did brought in a real pizza boy! hahaha! Super cool. It’s so nice to see these people to act so normal like humans should. I mean of course. But its just so entertaining to see them all eat pizza. Oh I want some too! :(

Lupita is a Rockstar

Looks like Cinderella got her glass slippers back. But she really does look like Cinderella! Totally rocked that Prada gown which according to her was inspired by champagne bubbles. Lupita Nyong’o is 31 years old and I thought she really looked so much younger than that. 

Not only because of her being darling of the Oscars this year but mostly of the substance that she is. In her words, "When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” #slowclap


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