Monday, March 10, 2014

The Mean Girl is Back!

Lindsay's interview with Jimmy Fallon for her new reality TV series Lindsay on OWN was so fetch! Lindsay should really get her act together as everyone thinks this is her second chance at heaven. Better not mess this up LiLo! It's good that Oprah intervened somehow with Lindsay's life and that's when Lindsay decided to continue with the reality TV show. You are still my favourite above everything you have been through!

LiLo also hinted a possible reunion with other casts of Mean Girls movie which will celebrate their 10 years this year. Omg that really came so fast. I still watch Mean Girls every once in a while. It's like they haven't aged. She saw Tina Fey who played Ms. Norbury in the movie backstage, and said to her that she had talks with the big wigs about a possible reunion but let's get our fingers crossed with this one! 

Check this water war game with Jimmy Fallon! Super fetch! Yes I am making fetch happen Regina!

Are you excited with Lilo's new TV series? 
or are you even more thrilled about the rumored Reunion?

Either way I can't wait!!! 

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