Saturday, March 30, 2013

It’s Tough Love, Denim Love

I must admit I have this fixation with denims. Or an obsession probably. From tops to bottoms, I must have it. And just by having these amazing hauls keeps more happy than actually wearing them. Right! It’s quite nice to have a dependable denim top and pants. You can never go wrong with your trusty old denim.

Although it’s super hot now, and wearing this denim top with this weather is quite self-punishing. But of course there are light weight jeans that could still be worn.

This is my growing collection of denims. All of these were just thrifted from almost anywhere. With a creative mindset, I turned each of these outfits even cooler from various fabric manipulation techniques like dyeing and bleaching. Though not that refined,  I am just so happy of what I have achieved.

The things that you value the most are the things you have worked hard for.

♛ AUK ♛

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tonight Is Her Night

The American Idol Alumna and last year’s runner up, Jessica Sanchez drops her first single as a recording artist with Tonight featuring Ne-Yo. I am just so excited for this talented young lady and her promising career.

Jessica tweeted after the release of her single:
@JessicaESanchez: “Being played on the radio. One of thee most amazing feelings!!! Ugh. I just love everyone and everything haha :) ”

Amongst the stable of famed artists from Interscope records like Lady Gaga, U2 and also her co-competitor Phillip Phillips, Jessica joins them with that amazing vocal prowess.

My tunes radar is just so on right now. Listen to the much awaited lead single off from her debut album, Me, You and the Music which is set to be released April 30, 2013. I am truly elated and excited for her career in the music scene. With that vocal adrenaline and a style savvy taste, there’s no doubt she will find her niche. Go Girl!

Here hot and fresh off from American Idol performing the single alongside Ne-yo! She got some moves!

No copyright infringement intended. :)

And this just in, her official music video!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


This is the anthem of my moment. Raping the replay button with this fresh electronic dance  song by ZEDD feat. Foxes. Though the lyric of the song speaks of a break up/moving on, it still ironically makes me calm my nerves. It is about the beat I guess. Enjoy the song. :) Happy Sunday ya’all!
♛ AUK ♛

Friday, March 15, 2013

I Can Feel This Moment

This is the just-released music video of Pitbull and Christina Aguilera’s power combo tune, Feel This Moment! I got to say that Xtina shed some weight in here but this is just the perfect weight on her, not too skinny but not too hefty. The song is a remix of the song Take On Me by A-Ha. The upbeat tempo of the song will get you off your feet and start jumping in like the concert crowd. I think this is the first video I’ve seen from Pitbull where there are no semi-naked women dancing with him and a classy video from him.

I am totally feeling this moment! Are you?
♛ AUK ♛

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You Only Live Once

I am currently fixated with these YOLO wallpapers. It does have this vintage and contemporary feel that came together so well.  It is so stylish too like me. haha. When I stare at my desktop(because it is my desktop wallpaper), it has this flair that takes me in a relaxed state and of exuberance.

You only live once so seize the day.

P.S. I don't intend to own the rights to these wallpapers.

♛ AUK ♛

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Congressman

Yesterday, I attended my cousin's wedding at Bulacan. I must say I enjoyed the whole event but the weather was just so unforgiving. Super hot! And to add more I needed to wear "Barong Tagalog" which is our National Costume and the dress code for the nuptials. It is a little uncomfortable wearing it because it has a fairly rough surface which creates friction against your skin. But as the saying goes fake it 'til you make it! I looked like a politician or a congressman in it. Here in the Philippines, politicians traditionally wear this to events and the like so yes you can say that.
To the newlyweds Nikki and Bryan, I wish them patience and understanding. They will need that. Haha.

 ♛ AUK ♛

from the left, my brother Kris, my bestie cousin Racel and Mom.

The Congressman Haha.

 from the left: my sister Kim, my Aunt Fely, and Mom.

♛ AUK ♛

Friday, March 8, 2013

I Dream A Dream

Digging this look. This button down from Penshoppe is my favorite haul from my Christmas shopping. Honestly, I have been hunting for this but because it's quite pricey I kind off took it off from my list. But when I randomly checked it at a store it was just only for 499 bucks from 1,199. Talking about luck.

You can dress this down or up. Dress this down by pairing it with a khaki shorts and a top sider. Or go preppy by putting a tie and tuck it in your tailored pants with a slim belt paired with black brogue shoes.

Hype this on LookBook HERE.
♛ AUK ♛

We try to make it on our own. Decisions need to be made. Focusing ourselves to self improvement and growth is one of the many things we want to accomplish as we go along. Sometimes, we compare our current situations with others but I think we shouldn't. Makes us unhappy and miserable. Only should we compare our current status to our past.

The past days I have been in a dark cloud, of all the pressure and the imperceptible future. I’m so serious eh?

I know I can get through. Yes, that's the spirit!

I just put this note to myself: If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough.
♛ AUK ♛

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good Fashion Read

I bought this book for only 30 pesos from National Bookstore's book sale! I immediately picked this up because I thought the name was utterly familiar. Though not sure where I heard that name, but I certainly know that it has something to do with fashion.

Right, I tried to recall Nina Garcia mentioning her name from a back episode of Project Runway. Happy for this find!

Make me dream Catherine Malandrino.

♛ AUK ♛


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