Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ali Must Die!

Don’t you just love to kill….the director and the writers? They are so good. After like, luring you to like Mona. I actually hate her there because she’s a bitch but after this episode there’s more to the story than just what is being played on TV. This is the ultimate fatal finale!

I got this interview from the Epoch Times website. I thought I just wanna share to you all.

“I was told the day before the table read. She gave me the call. I always heard rumors that when a series regular gets killed from a show, they’re going to get the call from the creator. So when I heard that Marlene was on the other line, I was like, ‘Oh my god, is this my time? Has it come to an end?’ She was so sweet and so wonderful about it. She was like, ‘Hey, I want you to know that this is happening — you are getting killed. But don’t freak out you still have a job. You’re not leaving the Pretty Little Liars family, you’re just going to be the flashback girl like Sasha [Pieterse] was for three years,’” Parrish said.
“I was so relieved because I thought I was getting killed off my show and that was it and that was my last episode. That would’ve been so sad because I love being a part of the show and I love Mona. I’ve played her for five years now and it would have been so sad to part with her. I parted with ‘alive Mona’ but I’ll still be haunting Rosewood in some flashbacks.”
Parrish believes that the backstory will be revealed through the flashbacks.
“I’m hoping they’ll show more about her life with her mom because that was really the first time anyone’s seen her mom and showing that, you’ll learn more about Mona. I’m hoping they’ll show why she became ‘A’ and why she did the things she did and all the things that happened in between. The flashbacks will be really, really great for fans and for me to get answers finally.”
I just love dark dirty histories just like this. 
A lot of reasons pushed Mona to do what she did.

They are so happy. But I am really infuriated by Alison if she really did murder Mona! Sociopath girl. You must die. Haha.

I saw this from a fan. And I think they have a good theory here. The first picture might’ve been alison because her hair is that long and has those tresses but the bottom pic shows a flat blonde hair that we(fans) are guessing is Cece Drake?? 

Meanwhile, let’s a moment to watch this Halloween special while they(the show) torment us for about 2 months before the Halloween special shows up on TV.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fossil Fueled

Following my recent post, I have to do a separate post for my new squeeze. This ultra chic tan brown wallet from Fossil gave me the urge to just go with it and don’t ever think thrice. I lost my wallet few months ago and my cards are just scrambling around my bag so I really need a new one. It is really hard to search for your cards scattered in your bag like when purchasing something I think the register need to give me 3 minutes to frantically search for the damn card. Not a good scenario. So when I saw this, I thought I really need it.

It has this simple design but means business look. It is not bulky unlike other wallets that I have owned before. There is a designated card holder, a coin purse at the back and a zipped storage for your mobile phone( which I won’t be using as that because my phone is a bit large for it). Really sleek and just with pure functionality. Got this for AUD 40 which originally is 60 bucks but it was on sale. I know it is not the best buy out there but I always have this motto in shopping that when you saw something that you really need and you have enough money, then go for it because next time it might be on other’s hand already when you see it on the streets. And you like wanna just die in regret for not buying it! EXCUSES. EXCUSES. HAHAHA.

I really really love it! It is just perfect for me!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

That Kind of Day

Don’t you just have those days that you just want to go out and do something like go shopping even if you don’t have much of a plan what to buy. Well, that day came today and I went to Southwharf DFO(direct factory outlet) in Melbourne to check out the stores there. Not long enough I stumbled upon a gorgeous Fossil wallet that really suited my needs and aesthetic! I mean halleluiah. Haha.

And a super nice salesperson came to me commenting on how she likes my bag and my outfit and of course I was so flattered that someone could be that vocal about her thoughts. She was awesome and cool. She even knows Filipino words. Francesca was her name. And we shared some thoughts about fashion and that she is studying fashion design. How amazing is that? I was even more inspired to get myself to fashion school. So I told her I have a blog and asked for it and I wrote it down. It’s lovely to meet new faces. Gives you more perspective of how every person is different and the same.

What I wore today: Moto jacket- a hand me down from a friend
                                Skull Tshirt- Thrifted
                                Pants- Oxygen
                                Shoes- Stray
                                Bag- SM store

And it’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week!!!!! I am eggzoited!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Glitch btch

I just tried this Glitch App that will transform your photos into weird and will bring error chicness to it. It was okay.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Reptile Chic

Reptiles can be scary and yucky but Megan Fox proves that reptiles can be this glamorous. I love this dress on her. The shoulder detail is what made this look stronger than feminine. I am a sucker for shoulder details. I love accentuating my shoulders. Megan’s comfort zone are action movies like Transformers and just recently TMNT. This definitely sealed that passion for action.

Keep it up Meg! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Turn Down For What Tim Gunn?

When Tim Gunn just hammered this Swagger of a trailer, I was even even more excited to see this new season!!! Tim Gunn getting the hiphop vibe. So cute!

Monday, August 4, 2014

High Waisted Society

This high waited look that I stumbled upon from Billboard’s post for Lollapalooza, makes me want to get my own pair of high waisted denims. A lot of women have worn high waisted shorts or denims but for men seldom have I seen them wear it. It’s actually pretty cool and hip. Is it really back??? This is Cole Doman at the festival wearing vintage Kokorokoko.

Love it or hate it.  But I might go to the thrift this weekend and score one of this. Spring is just around the corner here and I can definitely tie this in my wardrobe. Maybe, tuck some printed collared shirts in there. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014


This is my first snow experience at Mt. Buller. It was indeed a blast!
With all these amazing people around, it is a sure fire fun filled day.


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