Saturday, August 23, 2014

That Kind of Day

Don’t you just have those days that you just want to go out and do something like go shopping even if you don’t have much of a plan what to buy. Well, that day came today and I went to Southwharf DFO(direct factory outlet) in Melbourne to check out the stores there. Not long enough I stumbled upon a gorgeous Fossil wallet that really suited my needs and aesthetic! I mean halleluiah. Haha.

And a super nice salesperson came to me commenting on how she likes my bag and my outfit and of course I was so flattered that someone could be that vocal about her thoughts. She was awesome and cool. She even knows Filipino words. Francesca was her name. And we shared some thoughts about fashion and that she is studying fashion design. How amazing is that? I was even more inspired to get myself to fashion school. So I told her I have a blog and asked for it and I wrote it down. It’s lovely to meet new faces. Gives you more perspective of how every person is different and the same.

What I wore today: Moto jacket- a hand me down from a friend
                                Skull Tshirt- Thrifted
                                Pants- Oxygen
                                Shoes- Stray
                                Bag- SM store

And it’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week!!!!! I am eggzoited!

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