Saturday, September 21, 2013


Contain and content sounds alike but oppositely meant something. That feeling of containment in a bubble, in a cell, in a room, in a situation of utter stress and mayhem. Don’t you just wanna break free and just do something crazy? I want to just twerk. Gyrate Robin Thicke’s thick. Whatever. I feel you Miley. Haha. This is just unbelievably like an overwhelming infection that no antibiotic can cure.

I wanna do what I want, what I’m born to do, what I became. This is a waste of everything.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Spring Fling

A time to bloom, a time to grow. There’s always time for everything. It may not be on our time but maybe in God’s wrist watch. It’s the season of spring. Flowers bloom and I hope my career too! 

I love this tree. It’s like a cherry blossom but its not. haha. I hope this season gives me luck and charm to survive and surpass the coming weeks ahead. But yes, this will all be on me. All the years I wished for this and one by one it is unfolding. I just got to hold it in and believe. Right?

Again, why so serious? Let’s live life. Have a spring fling! Haha. #YOLO

I Just Miss You All Girls

Si Dwarfina. 

Yeah Girls Werk it! More! Haha.

Fierce eh?

The fairest of them All. Haha. :) Miss you Ma’am Jeng!

Taray Look!

Ma’am Jen take it nice and slow. haha.

Pacquiao did his job here. KO!

My last few days in the Philippines before I even knew I was leaving soon! 

Ma’am Kaye even if you’re not here in the pics you are in my heart. hahaha. Drama ko! I love you all! 
Abi, Sha, Les and Jena, thank you keng moral suppport and everything!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Need We Suffer?

Photo credits to Kuya Jun. Lol

We all have priorities and sometimes it’s hard to weigh things especially for me. And so we need to “prioterise” as one of our very trying and taxing educator always tell us. That mumbled up word we hear every time. This man will rob you of everything you have until you have nothing left. Of course that’s exaggeration. Right guys? Haha. Well, yeah some people will be very hard to you and that’s life. You just got to not let it get under your skin and move on from it.

This was a hell week for me and my mates here. School has been tough. It just is. I even had a very dramatic scene during our debriefing session. How the hell did that happen?? Stress. Stress. And Him! haha. Do you think I should be nominated for an  Emmy for that scene? Haha
The next 5 weeks will be tougher. We can do this guys!

And this! Sorry Lord for I have sinned? :(

We gave ourselves a breaher and these sweets did the job. Special thanks to Ate Gwen and Ate Edge!

And before ending this I would like to quote the holy queen of Twerking, Miley Bird Cyrus. We need to be a wrecking ball, to break down that wall. We just want you to let us in. Haha. Wowsa, I can’t even imagine that something good came out of that song and oh I mean Miley. Haha. #Kidding

Friday, September 6, 2013

It’s Beach, B*tch.

The breathtaking view at Altona Beach

Just staring at these makes me forget all the worries I have.

Selfie Selfie din! haha.

Emotionally Motivated Output! #EMO

That looooong stare. Problems? Nah!

At Max Brunner’s, their yummy sweet indulgences!

Ate Gwen and her chocolate factory.

Gwen invited me to meet her sister, Ate Edge and Kuya Ton. It was such a perfect time to cool off from the stressful corners of the school. We went to Altona beach which was breathtaking but freezing cold! Haha. The beach front was so romantic. Ate Gwen even told that is the place where Kuya Ton proposed to Ate Edge. Isn’t that so sweeet! 

Then after that we headed to Highpoint, a shopping mall in Altona. We had a Mexican dinner and ate some burrito and then grabbed some coffee at Max Brunners! So so delicious! Thank you so much Ga, Ate Edge and Kuya Ton for the treat and clothes you bought for me.

To have people like them share their kindness is such a sweet gesture. I truly adore and appreciate it especially for someone whom they barely even know. Thank you so much!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Charlie Hunnum is Christian Grey!

After a long wait, Christian Grey is officially Charlie Hunnam! I know I am and some are disappointed a little bit because I was rooting for Matt Bomer. But Charlie Hunnam is a sure hot thing too. However, I'm  not quite sure about his current physique but I guess he'll be trimming down those extra pounds sooner or later.

So Anastasia Steele is Dakota Johnson. That girl in bed with JT in the Social Network movie. I wanted Emma Watson but what can I do really? Lol


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let There Be Loooove

The long wait is over Fighters, #TeamXtina, and all! All new music video from the Christina Aguilera!

I love that it is not something that she does or anyone does. The typical dance, boy meets girl video. The message comes through! #equality

And one more thing, she is sooo hot! With this trimmed down figure! Keep it up girl. Xoxotina


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