Friday, September 6, 2013

It’s Beach, B*tch.

The breathtaking view at Altona Beach

Just staring at these makes me forget all the worries I have.

Selfie Selfie din! haha.

Emotionally Motivated Output! #EMO

That looooong stare. Problems? Nah!

At Max Brunner’s, their yummy sweet indulgences!

Ate Gwen and her chocolate factory.

Gwen invited me to meet her sister, Ate Edge and Kuya Ton. It was such a perfect time to cool off from the stressful corners of the school. We went to Altona beach which was breathtaking but freezing cold! Haha. The beach front was so romantic. Ate Gwen even told that is the place where Kuya Ton proposed to Ate Edge. Isn’t that so sweeet! 

Then after that we headed to Highpoint, a shopping mall in Altona. We had a Mexican dinner and ate some burrito and then grabbed some coffee at Max Brunners! So so delicious! Thank you so much Ga, Ate Edge and Kuya Ton for the treat and clothes you bought for me.

To have people like them share their kindness is such a sweet gesture. I truly adore and appreciate it especially for someone whom they barely even know. Thank you so much!

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