Sunday, April 12, 2015

No Wonder

For the first time since I bought it last year, I was able to wear this comfy and edgy tanned leather jacket. I was so excited to wear this out! Paired it with a thrifted jumper for added insulation since it’s getting cold in here. I was out to visit a friend and decided to take shots at this lovely Victorian houses. My man bag is from the thrift as well. Guess how much I got it for? A dollar! Such a crazy steal for a leather bag. Score!

I kept the whole outfit simpler to let the jacket shine on it’s own. It’s the star of this look. 

I haven’t gotten tired of looking down for my outfit shots yet. I’ll get over it when I discover a new way to showcase my facets. Lol. 

I really don’t have anything to blabber about aside from the fact that I am bored as hell. Haha. I just love dressing up for nothing. Have you been in that mood where you just wanna be and feel like you’re a rockstar? This is it. Haha. 


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