Friday, September 26, 2014

Aspiring in Spring

Spring has sprung. This is my second spring time here down under. Definitely, I have been excited for this season as I can really go out without being too covered up and worrying to have a jacket always ready at your side. But I really loathe summer is because it is barbecue hot! Like seriously, I wouldn’t even dare going out. 

It is that time to get those shorts and get your cotton on! Yeah, I connect that with my outfit today which is mostly from Cotton On. I was really on my feet to go out today and enjoy the sun. 

Sometimes, negative comments get to me so deep I tend to curl up and do self-pity. But after this stage, I just try to learn from it and just be wiser this time. Failures are supposed to make us better and not bitter. Without failures, success I reckon would be impossible. No one will make that iPhone 6 Plus not to be bendable. Of course after that bend gate scandal they will definitely do something about it. Just look life as that. Haha. I mean I should.

What I wore: Cardigan, Denim Top, Skinny jeans from Cotton On, Boat Shoes from the thrift, bag from Sirrico, Watch from Tomato

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