Monday, July 23, 2012

Unforced Reading: Fifty Shades Trilogy

My tendencies to literally fathom an idea, a question, a situation or anything is palpable. Maybe because of the word impression. Gray has been my color for years and that is evident through my closet and outfit choices. The different hues of a color can be translated into the various tendencies of a human trait.

Christian Grey, the protagonist in the novel by E.L. James has a dark history of abuse and all sorts of f*ckedupness as described in the book. He unravelled different sides of him and hues of his dark past which haunts him. Anastasia Steele, a fresh graduate from college immediately captured Grey’s cold heart and helped him conquer his inner demons. The immediate impression I had is that it is one of the typical romance-themed novels but what really dumbfounded me is that it is also lined with extreme erotic fancies(which I surprisingly love , haha) and BDSM.

The novel is an easy read. Actually, this is the first book that I have read that was not forced since I graduated College. I don’t read a lot. Mads, one of my best friends acquianted me with this book and I must say, I was hooked up instantly. As a proof, while I am in the rear end of the first book, I immediately rushed to a bookstore and bought the book minutes after I finished it. Voila! Another instance, while I was in the jeep and reading I came across Anna and Christian’s love exchange and I couldn’t hide my glee so I giggled like a child while other passengers are strangely staring at me (thinking that I’m a lunatic, haha). I just can not help myself but laugh.

One of the sweetest emails from Fifty!

What I was really ecstatic about and had a great time with are their email exchanges! It made me swoon like a teenage guy/girl. Whatever.(haha) It is just fun to read and I just do not want it to end. I highly recommend this. Well, not for anyone as this has explicit content. Strict parental control is advised. Happy reading!

PS. I am excited for the movie adaptation.



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