Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Choco pies and choco mallows, why so yummy?

My brother Kris went home yesterday bringing some goodies from work. My brother works as an English Instructor for foreign students. His’ students gave him presents like Korean noodles, chilli paste, and Choco pies! Of course, my eyes popped out once I spotted the pies. I have a sweet tooth and can’t resist these tasty treats. So after dinner, we ate the Choco pies. Bluntly speaking, that was the yummiest, heavenly and daintiest Choco pie I have ever tasted(Honestly). But, I got sad when I woke up today and I checked the box empty(haha).

I also tried another Choco pie (the one with the red box) from Lotte but I think this is the classic version. It also tastes fine but not as much as I have enjoyed the latter. My Korean students before once told me about this and they said that Choco pies are given by Korean girls to their boyfriends who will go on military training. I also googled this and according to Wikipedia it is given to Korean Military soldiers after their first week of training. No wonder they have to give them pies.

Here in the Philippines, we have Fibisco’s Choco Mallows(with the yellow box). This has been my staple answer to my sugary cravings. It is usually packed in a box of 6 and can also be sold in packs of two. This is my favorite Filipino sweet treat. This has been in the market for decades(I don’t have the exact details) and until now it still has a strong following.

Ugh, these sugary indulgence. They make me fat and nonchalant!

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