Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Toms Shoes Refurbished

I got my Toms shoes last December 2010 at Nothing But Water in Trinoma(a local mall in Manila). A pair of Toms costs around 3,000 pesos. Mine is a black burlap. Expensive as it is, they have tied up the brand with charity, with ONE FOR ONE movement as their carrying objective. This means that for every pair of shoes bought, another pair goes to poverty-stricken people all over the globe. A good cause.

My worn out Toms.

After almost 2 years, it got worn out and there are peeping holes caused by friction from my smaller toes. It may have served me for the entirety but I can’t let go of my precious pair just yet! And so as I was browsing my Facebook account, I saw a featured post from Toms Facebook page about a blogger redesigning her shoes by covering up the toe part of the shoe. So this instantly got me and there and there I started right away.

In the blog, Under The Sycamore(ashleyannphotography.com) which lit my creativity, Ashley the blogger used fabric glue and used apron as her textile for the cover-up.

Scrap of cloth
Glue or needles and thread

1. You just need to measure the entire toe area of the shoe to know how much fabric you need to use.
2. I folded the edges of the scrap of fabric and I sewn it directly on the shoe to prevent the cloth from fraying.
3. Finish it until you have sewn the entire shoe. It was really difficult to sew the shoe since the fabric is quite thick and I’m just hand stitching it. If you think that it’s too hard you may just need to glue it. :)

I have scraps of fabric particularly corduroy and fortunately it’s black! I was contemplating if I will use fabric glue. But since my shoe is made of burlap, I thought that it might not stick too well so I opted for manual stitching. I’ll tell you, it is an immense task to do, although challenging and exciting. I hope you can jazz up yours!

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