Saturday, July 28, 2012

Got a new Do

Yesterday, I decided to change my hair stylist from David’s Salon and try another. My reason is that I am not satisfied with my previous stylist. He’s good but not like before. He’s lazy now. I guess? So I came back to Bench Fix Salon to try my luck. Choosing and letting a new hands on your hair is a difficult decision for me (like it’s super big deal? haha I know) as my hair is not that thick and it is a grueling task to style it.

The inspiration for my look.

My friend told me to try his’ stylist, Mr. Pete. So when I got to Bench Fix at Marquee Mall, I uttered his name and there magic started. I showed him a look that I am rooting for and warned him about my hair. It’s like a soft mohawk look. I asked that if I can still style it with one side and he said yes(worrying that I might look super badass). Okay, I am cold and scared. So I removed my glasses, abolishing the possibility of controlling the situation because I can’t see without them on! There, I entrusted my crowning glory.

I was a little shocked and unreceptive of the new do that he made for me. I think this is a usual feeling. He suggested techniques that I can use to effectively style my hair. Thank you Mr. Pete.

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