Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Toms Shoes Refurbished

I got my Toms shoes last December 2010 at Nothing But Water in Trinoma(a local mall in Manila). A pair of Toms costs around 3,000 pesos. Mine is a black burlap. Expensive as it is, they have tied up the brand with charity, with ONE FOR ONE movement as their carrying objective. This means that for every pair of shoes bought, another pair goes to poverty-stricken people all over the globe. A good cause.

My worn out Toms.

After almost 2 years, it got worn out and there are peeping holes caused by friction from my smaller toes. It may have served me for the entirety but I can’t let go of my precious pair just yet! And so as I was browsing my Facebook account, I saw a featured post from Toms Facebook page about a blogger redesigning her shoes by covering up the toe part of the shoe. So this instantly got me and there and there I started right away.

In the blog, Under The Sycamore(ashleyannphotography.com) which lit my creativity, Ashley the blogger used fabric glue and used apron as her textile for the cover-up.

Scrap of cloth
Glue or needles and thread

1. You just need to measure the entire toe area of the shoe to know how much fabric you need to use.
2. I folded the edges of the scrap of fabric and I sewn it directly on the shoe to prevent the cloth from fraying.
3. Finish it until you have sewn the entire shoe. It was really difficult to sew the shoe since the fabric is quite thick and I’m just hand stitching it. If you think that it’s too hard you may just need to glue it. :)

I have scraps of fabric particularly corduroy and fortunately it’s black! I was contemplating if I will use fabric glue. But since my shoe is made of burlap, I thought that it might not stick too well so I opted for manual stitching. I’ll tell you, it is an immense task to do, although challenging and exciting. I hope you can jazz up yours!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Got a new Do

Yesterday, I decided to change my hair stylist from David’s Salon and try another. My reason is that I am not satisfied with my previous stylist. He’s good but not like before. He’s lazy now. I guess? So I came back to Bench Fix Salon to try my luck. Choosing and letting a new hands on your hair is a difficult decision for me (like it’s super big deal? haha I know) as my hair is not that thick and it is a grueling task to style it.

The inspiration for my look.

My friend told me to try his’ stylist, Mr. Pete. So when I got to Bench Fix at Marquee Mall, I uttered his name and there magic started. I showed him a look that I am rooting for and warned him about my hair. It’s like a soft mohawk look. I asked that if I can still style it with one side and he said yes(worrying that I might look super badass). Okay, I am cold and scared. So I removed my glasses, abolishing the possibility of controlling the situation because I can’t see without them on! There, I entrusted my crowning glory.

I was a little shocked and unreceptive of the new do that he made for me. I think this is a usual feeling. He suggested techniques that I can use to effectively style my hair. Thank you Mr. Pete.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Duty

I took this photo before I went to work yesterday. When I arrived at the hospital, the shift is smooth sailing until a code was called. Apparently, a patient was having seizures and that started the chaos. So I’m contemplating if it is a bad omen to take pictures before the shift, uhm that’s according to my colleague, Ms. A(The hottest Mom in town) haha. And yes, no more photo session today!

Hoping that tonight will be a blast. No toxic, please? Really excited to go on duty tonight.

Have a great weekend guys. See you around!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Choco pies and choco mallows, why so yummy?

My brother Kris went home yesterday bringing some goodies from work. My brother works as an English Instructor for foreign students. His’ students gave him presents like Korean noodles, chilli paste, and Choco pies! Of course, my eyes popped out once I spotted the pies. I have a sweet tooth and can’t resist these tasty treats. So after dinner, we ate the Choco pies. Bluntly speaking, that was the yummiest, heavenly and daintiest Choco pie I have ever tasted(Honestly). But, I got sad when I woke up today and I checked the box empty(haha).

I also tried another Choco pie (the one with the red box) from Lotte but I think this is the classic version. It also tastes fine but not as much as I have enjoyed the latter. My Korean students before once told me about this and they said that Choco pies are given by Korean girls to their boyfriends who will go on military training. I also googled this and according to Wikipedia it is given to Korean Military soldiers after their first week of training. No wonder they have to give them pies.

Here in the Philippines, we have Fibisco’s Choco Mallows(with the yellow box). This has been my staple answer to my sugary cravings. It is usually packed in a box of 6 and can also be sold in packs of two. This is my favorite Filipino sweet treat. This has been in the market for decades(I don’t have the exact details) and until now it still has a strong following.

Ugh, these sugary indulgence. They make me fat and nonchalant!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Unforced Reading: Fifty Shades Trilogy

My tendencies to literally fathom an idea, a question, a situation or anything is palpable. Maybe because of the word impression. Gray has been my color for years and that is evident through my closet and outfit choices. The different hues of a color can be translated into the various tendencies of a human trait.

Christian Grey, the protagonist in the novel by E.L. James has a dark history of abuse and all sorts of f*ckedupness as described in the book. He unravelled different sides of him and hues of his dark past which haunts him. Anastasia Steele, a fresh graduate from college immediately captured Grey’s cold heart and helped him conquer his inner demons. The immediate impression I had is that it is one of the typical romance-themed novels but what really dumbfounded me is that it is also lined with extreme erotic fancies(which I surprisingly love , haha) and BDSM.

The novel is an easy read. Actually, this is the first book that I have read that was not forced since I graduated College. I don’t read a lot. Mads, one of my best friends acquianted me with this book and I must say, I was hooked up instantly. As a proof, while I am in the rear end of the first book, I immediately rushed to a bookstore and bought the book minutes after I finished it. Voila! Another instance, while I was in the jeep and reading I came across Anna and Christian’s love exchange and I couldn’t hide my glee so I giggled like a child while other passengers are strangely staring at me (thinking that I’m a lunatic, haha). I just can not help myself but laugh.

One of the sweetest emails from Fifty!

What I was really ecstatic about and had a great time with are their email exchanges! It made me swoon like a teenage guy/girl. Whatever.(haha) It is just fun to read and I just do not want it to end. I highly recommend this. Well, not for anyone as this has explicit content. Strict parental control is advised. Happy reading!

PS. I am excited for the movie adaptation.

DIY Project: The Ombre Effect

Last summer, I was searching for cool outfits that I can wear for my vacation getaway. Ombre-detailed shirts and jeans are so in this season(or this year) and so I rummaged the entire city for some. I saw this cotton jean shirt with a ombre detail from Oxygen, a mid-high end clothing store  and costs 1, 799. That will hurt my sensitive pocket obviously, so I thought of just searching for a button down jean shirt from thrift stores or widely known here as ukay-ukay and just dye it. Lucky enough, I managed to get one which just costs 200 bucks! Plus I bought 5 packets of powdered dye.

             This was that shirt from Oxygen. by Mark Ammerson Pagaoa’s Lookbook account

For the dyeing process, I consulted YouTube and searched for some legitimate instructional videos. Aside from this, I also made some extra research in various dyeing techniques.

You will need:

Dye, a color of your desire

Non-stain basin - It should be wide to accommodate the fabric to be dyed.

Table salt

Fabric or shirt

A pair of Gloves


Hanger or a rod

and some creativity!

Step 1

Wear gloves. You may also want to wear an apron or dark-colored shirts to prevent staining.

Dissolve the powdered dye and salt in a small stainless container. You need to put on 2 tbsp. of salt for every gallon of water in the dye bath. In my case, I used the powdered form but there are liquid dyes available of course. It depends on how dark the effect you want to achieve with the amount of dye you will use.

Step 2

Pour in water into the stainless basin that can cover up the entire fabric and boil it. While waiting for the water to boil, wash the fabric to remove any finishes that may prevent absorption of dyes.

Step 3

When the water boils, pour in a small amount of dye.

Step 4

Using a hanger or a rod, dip dye a part of the fabric to create the lightest shade. Then quickly move it up and down into the dye bath.

Step 5

Then pour in the remaining dissolved dye and stir it continuously. Then dip the mid-section of the fabric that was dyed for 5 minutes, gently lifting and lowering it to create lighter and darker shades or until desired shade is achieved.

Step 6

Take out the fabric from dye bath and squeeze out excess dye. Wash the fabric under running water, holding the lightest color at the top. This will let the dye to seep through to the darkest area. Run it through the water until the water runs clear. Wring out the fabric for excess water and iron it until dry.

And there you go, a cool new look for you this season! Enjoy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Anywhere in the World

Beat TV is a daily entertainment show broadcast on ITV2 and in 30 other countries including South Africa, USA, and Italy(According to wikipedia). Everyday I see the commercial plug for the show on ETC(a lifestyle channel in the Philippines), with accompanying feel good vibe song. So as I listen to it everyday, it kind of grew on me already and I am ready to download it. I googled few lines from the song and consulted YouTube.

As part of  Coca-Cola’s Move to the Beat promotional campaign for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the song was produced and recorded

Here is the single by Mark Ronson and Katy B.

For The Love of Shoes

Last year, I saw a shoe from my friend Tel Mistal, she’s a girl. It was a skin tone Oxford flat shoes from Jellybean. It made an instant connection with me. I know myself when I really want something I go get it when I can. So I asked her about it and she told me that she had it replicated at a local cobbler in the city. So I got an idea and I want to have one as well! My eyes sparkled like diamonds. Being kind and I know that she is, she lent me the original shoe from Jellybean to have it as a model for me to clearly translate what I want to the shoemaker. 

Maybe around 3 days after, I went to the shoe store and I had it made. It costed me 1, 200 bucks. Actually, the sales clerk asked for 1,500 but I insisted that my friend had hers for 1,200. They said that it should be done in a week. But unfortunately I have to go back several times as it was raining and according to the sales clerk its hard to dry the shoe. Persistently, I waited and there I got my pair! Happy like a little boy with a new toy.


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