Saturday, December 6, 2014

#OOTD: Grayed Out

One day, I just decided to get dressed for success. If you are to claim your win, you must be prepared and by that I meant like this. I started to assemble this look with my new smart joggers from ASOS. It is a good spin on a very formal suit pants. The cuffing on the ankles made it casual and cool. I just picked out several gray tone from my closet and decided to use my ASOS navy blazer which comes really handy when you need it. For my shoes, I went with my Zara Oxfords which are so sturdy and classy. 

I am planning on starting a Youtube vlog! I am not certain if it will work out but I guess I am going to find out when I start filming! Haha. I am camera shy though. Good luck with that.

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