Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kenny Humphrey

I have always thought that I am the less popular in class. The one who is not famous, doesn’t mingle that much but is into what is pop and new. Like a complete contrast of what I show and what I have inside but that was jurassic years ago. A lot has changed since High School.

Gossip Girl has reminded  me of what I am in the social strata, the Humphrey’s. I can say that I am not those privileged kids who gets the most coveted toys when they want to but just enough to get the cravings satisfied. I guess I fall on the middle class. Being in the middle has been fine with me. But I also dream of getting above of course like who doesn’t?

I was reminded of Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl when she broke free from her family and the crazy world she stepped on and just took her sewing machine away and took a lot of guts. I hope I can do that and just run away and do what I want. But honestly I can’t. Certainly, I am not that type of person who runs away from responsibilities to just be free of worry and drawbacks. Nevertheless, I believe that I can still be who I wanted to be without rushing on decisions and evading on your responsibilities.

Ahem, Ahem. Sorry for being too melodramatic. Let’s fast track on to the fun part. I wanted to learn how to sew and grabbed this sewing machine in this high end suburb in Melbourne.

The sewing machine is really quite heavy. Channeling my inner Jenny Humphrey here. Lol

I love posing like this. Got this from Blogger extraordinaire, David Guison. He’s my inspiration. I just decided to be casual and went with my flip flops from Havaianas. 

What I wore: Thrifted Bershka cardigan.
tanktop from Folded and Hung
My favourite skinny jeans from Oxygen
Thrifted sling bag
Snapback from Glued

and that’s all for now. xox

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