Sunday, October 19, 2014


Basics are essential to anyone even for the fashion enthusiast. Lately, I noticed that my choices are being dominated by monochromes like a basic white T-shirt or black shoes. Basics does magic sometimes when you are running out of ideas for an outfit. It’s a life saver so it’s a must to have a couple or more. You can never have too much basics in your closet. Sometimes, when you keep it simple it is where your style and personality comes through. Not overshadowed by being too loud. 

If you want stay away from being tagged as goth god add simple details to your style like putting on a form fitting tshirt or rolling up the trousers a couple of inches to inject casualness into the ensemble or accessorize using handbags or adding an extra pop of colour like wearing printed socks. I’ll take funeral chic if people will. Lol.

 Others may think that black is boring, but you can play with different textures like this layering outfit with the speckled black top and the leather bomber jacket which gives a shine and gives the outfit an extra runway boost or street style kick.

And so I have been obsessing myself with these monochromes with the blacks in particular. This Dr. Martens monochrome with the black stitching rather than the yellow is just perfect. This one this called 1461 Mono. I know that the yellow stitching is quite iconic and a signature look for a Dr. Martens shoe but its just my choice. 

Last two weeks ago, I made up my mind to get a pair of boots but my mates held me back so I didn’t get it. I think that was a smart move as when I saw this pair. I thought it was more like my style than the bulky boots. And I thought, it adds more height than the boots which cuts of my ankle. You cannot go wrong with this. But I haven’t bought this yet. Haha.

And these pair of Nike Rosherun in midnight fog are running away from me. I have been chasing store after store for these elusive sneakers. After two hours of being on the shelves they are gone like that. Hopefully, I can get a pair of these with my size. Anyhow, these shoes are super comfortable and pairing it in my outfit will not cause any trouble. It’s one of those staples that are a must have! 

My birthday is just around the corner and I think having these in my wardrobe will be a perfect gift! hint. hint. Haha.

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