Friday, October 31, 2014

How to Get Away with Guilt

Since it was my birth month, I spoiled myself pretty bad. But I thought it was all worth it. Everything was going well until today I decided to count how much I spent last October for myself and the guilt was real. It struck me like thunder and lightning. And I will never allow myself to do more this month or for the coming months! I need to put shackles to myself. Restrain me. Save me.  

In finding ways to make the guilt go away, I have thought ways to keep myself feel better. For instance, rather than losing my wallet, I could have spent it all on something I really wanted. That’s a good one right? Here in Melbourne, inspectors in trams and public transport check myki cards (transportation tickets) and if you get found to be freeloading, you’ll be fined by 200 bucks! So just think of being robbed by a hottie inspector and your guilt may go away. 

I don’t do shopping just to show off or anything. Sometimes or most of the time, I just can’t resist the impulse that commercialism has to offer. Especially for someone like me who is as implusive as Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic. I don’t want to go downward spiral just to get everything that I materially want. If there is even such a word. But when shopping I always don’t pay full price, I go for the sale items which are half off the original price. I mean who can resist a genuine leather jacket for 100 dollars which really fits and you fell in love with right after you saw it and can keep you warm in long winter nights.

Nevertheless, finding reasons to make yourself free of the guilt is not a good thing though. Because in the first place you need to find a reason first of getting a product right before purchasing it. It is not a smart practice to make yourself feel better after splurging. What I usually do is, if I saw a good buy off a rack and my heart starts to pound, I quietly turn away and if my conscience wouldn’t let me sleep today. That’s the time to buy it. But when you get back to get it, it's already gone. You can make a scene.

But hey, It’s my birthday anyway! So sorry not sorry. Right Kim K?

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