Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sneaking to the Top

Sneakers and runners are becoming staple pieces not only for the sporty but for the fashionistas as well. These foot-friendly shoes tries to break the norms and gives us more options in styling our clothes. Women wear their dresses and pair it with Airmax’s or Vans sneakers. The kind of usual scene I see in the streets of Melbourne. I love how this trend is out of the box. You don’t have to conform with the norm. Because that’s what fashion really is.

Love this (top) gold tipped sneakers. The golden touch emanates some sophistication that makes for just an ordinary shoe. It is a showpiece. They look like they are Adidas shoes. 

This sneakers(below) definitely has that clean lines and monochromatic tones to it that gives the expensive appeal to it. What is good in fashion is that you can wear apparently what you feel you like wearing. Unless, you intend on minding on other’s prejudices you will be defeated. So be yourself. Shake it off. Obsessed with black and white.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy this trend and be happy because we are doing our feet some favour here. Than wearing hard soles and high heels. If you’re into wearing them. 

*These photos were from Highsnobiety which they covered from Seoul Fashion Week SS 2015.

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