Thursday, March 13, 2014

4 Seasons of Torment

Are we really, finally, eventually, hopefully, truly unveil who A actually is? Four seasons after the premiere, this trailer gives us a peek at the most shocking finale ever in #PLL history according to ABC Family that is. I mean of course I'm freaking eggzited!!! Who is not! These Liars have suffered so much I think they will just lie on their couch all their adult life through. Haha. No doubt!

Pull the trigger Hanna! Don’t you dare holdback! We deserve to know who that b*tch was. Suffered 4 seasons and this must be a shocker or else!

Rise from the doubtful past 4 seasons and get your popcorns and soda ready. Because this might be the end of the roller coaster ride for the totally mistaken identity of -A.

What could Noel possibly have to do with Ali’s supposed death?
Why did Ali took 4 seasons to show up and tell us that she is freaking alive!!! (that’s meant to be a question but…)
What will we expect next to these 4 or 5 girls excluding Mona?
Who is that body on Allison’s grave?
and the questions are endless until the spring finale!

Kisses b*tches! xoxo

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