Saturday, August 31, 2013

Me, My Friends and I

Friends will keep you. Friends will break you. But finding people who make you happy are rare finds. Being here for the first time is a lot to take in. I am worried with heaps of inconceivable potential problems. The very beautiful Gwen who was my seatmate during my first day at school didn’t take time for us to be friends. It was like a friend request from Facebook and in one click you’re friends already. I know right?

And the friend requests kept coming! So glad to have fabulous friends here in OZ. 

And even one of our educators believed we were in a relationship! hahaha. That’s how close we are.

At the Immigration Museum. Photo credits to Kuya Rommel. Love the shot!

 The lovely Anna, Top Model Ate Gwen and the gorjas Jun! Haha.

At the not-so Hungry Jacks! With Buff Kuya Dino haha, the Party Animal Luena, Lovely Anna, the very uptight Claire, Beautiful Anne and the alluring Aubrey!

Awww the busiest class ever! And Anne in here was not aware I was taking a shot?

And even in the dining area, busy bees are we all!

Our pretty and Gorjas classmates from India and Alyssia’s infectious laugh. :))

Luena is looks like my sister! #kalokalike

The pretty Anne and Luena

Photo credits to Jun! :)

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