Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sasa Summer

This is a Cotton On ensemble except for the cardigan by Bershka. Wore this to the city to go for shopping. I know it is a little too late for summer here in Australia but I’m still in for summer in the Philippines! Lol. Summer in OZ is really really hot like barbecue hot. That’s why when I went home last February, I told myself that I wouldn’t even utter a word for nagging about the hot weather in the Philippines.

Going back, I just love this laid back style. Just a tank and shorts. I reckon I should’ve ditched the boots but yeah. The Australian street style is quite simple but still they have that exciting element to their every outfit that I am trying to adapt. It is not that too overboard to do but still emanates a fashion sensibility that I can still identify myself in.

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