Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kenny and the City

So the day started, I went to the Victoria State Library to get some errands done. They have free internet there, an array of desktops for all to use. Thank you to the government. Lol. But I have my machine so I just needed a wifi connection. 

I just happen to snapshot this awesome view as I went inside the library.

After I got bored, my senses told me to do some window shopping at H&M at Melbourne's GPO. I must say the display was classy and cool. I haven’t seen such sophistication with other H&M stores I have been to but it may also be because of the buildings architecture and historical heritage. Buildings here in Melbourne are being restored and preserved to really bring in the ambience of Australia.

This is the top view from the Men’s department at the second floor. Quite a sight to see actually. 

And then there was me. There are real trees inside like leaves falling while you flick through the racks. 

I decided to be casual that day. Got some heaps of things to carry like my laptop and other stuff.
WHAT I wore?
1. Flannel top that I thrifted when I had my vacay in the Philippines. (Wow, VACAY! Yes, I am claiming it!)
2. plain black singlet from Folded and Hung
3. Moss green pants from Uniqlo (the first Uniqlo flagship store has just opened here down under a week after H&M opened their first flagship store as well) Indeed, Melbourne is the shopping capital now.
4. Stray rubber shoes from Roger David.  I got only for 15 bucks at a sale. It resembles those New balance shoes I have been drooling on.

And the mannequins are…….everywhere.

And capped the night with this breathtaking skyline of Melbourne!

See ya all next time!

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