Monday, June 30, 2014

My not-so-good xperience with my Xperia.

Following my pretty sentimental post about my Xperia Z1’s faulty 3.5 mm jack, this is the third unit already that it had been replaced with. It sucks that I already have purchased all its accessories only to find out that it would just be replaced again. Initially, I opted to have the same unit again but I reckoned that it might be that a fault will be there again. Honestly, I am traumatised now. So I asked the manager at JB- Hifi for me to just have another unit. I thought of the new Xperia Z2. So I had it now.

Candidly speaking, I am really in love with the Xperia’s software and design it perfectly suits my taste and aesthetics. It just so happen that I am so lucky to have all these series of unfortunate events rain over me. Or this might be a time to blog this and let the world to know or for Sony to improve their products.

The new Xperia Z2 performs pretty well as of this writing with some lags but in minimal. I love the inputs and specs that have been added to it like the bigger screen and the 4K video recording to name afew. But I like the Xperia Z1 Compact’s design better more specifically with the aluminum side panels. It felt more sleeker than the Z2. I prefer the individual flaps for the charging ports and for the sim rather than the bigger one which exposes the unit more. But overall, I am quite pleased with it above all the things that I have gone thru to their units. I still believe in Sony’s products that is why even if this happened I still went for their products. I prefer this over Samsung’s flagship model Galaxy S5.

I would just like to thank the JB-Hifi people in Elizabeth Street in Melbourne for their patience. But I just think I deserve more than this. For now, this thing should behave well or I’m going to lose it. What an experience I had. As a customer, you have to fight for your rights and so I did.

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