Friday, June 13, 2014

Playlist of the Moment

Iggy Azalea, the Aussie born rapper was an unexpected bet for me to be honest. The first time, I saw her perform was during Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour here in Melbourne in which she was the opening act. Who is this girl?, I told to myself. And then she rose to the charts and got a record with The Beatles for having consecutive no. 1 and 2 singles in the charts. Quite a feat for a newbie.

Anyhow, her “Fancy" single grew to me finally.

Next is Christina Grimmie’s Hold on We’re Going Home cover from The latest season of The Voice. This was the first time I heard of this song and I want it to stay that way. Lol. Super love this performance. Superb.

John Mayer made this song his. This XO cover was so original to him. And I think Beyonce will agree. Lol

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